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  1. sweetschelene
    Yes to the manga, and I watch the movie swords of an honorable ruler that has him in it alot. and no I'm sorry I don't wish I did but I to have to be careful, my daughter uses my computer sometimes when hers is tied up with updates. So I do have some more not just of him naked....
  2. sweetschelene
    @mina > just wondering what time is it right now where you are?
  3. minamino
    well sorry i wasnt around i got some new pics i will put them now hope you will like them well right now here is 1:23am is rely late but i can stay a while longer and talk with you guys
  4. xcc
    @sweetschelene, Yes, we must be careful with children. I was just kidding about a bigger one! I will check to see if there is a place where we can host some pics without problem.
    I loved that movie, because of him!
    Do you know where to read the manga online? If not, just let me know and I share the link.
  5. xcc
    In which countries are you all? I'm in USA, right now it is 7:28PM
  6. sweetschelene
    Thanks. I own some of them but I would love to have the link to read the rest of it. (bowing....__
  7. sweetschelene
    It is 6:29 pm right now... I am also in the US
  8. YaminoTenshi
    thanks for the invitation....just dropping by....
  9. sweetschelene
    what do you guys do for fun, other than our obsession with this site and yaoi...
  10. sweetschelene
    Glad to hear from you Yamino...
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