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  1. sweetschelene
    It is always better to let your imagination wonder,(what if) anyway....
  2. xcc
    I did more than that, I saved it, so if anybody want to see it, maybe we can share it by email or something.
  3. sweetschelene
    nothing is to obscene to me, but I am a perv and nothing surprises me...
  4. minamino
    well to me either but what else can i do??
  5. xcc
    @sweetschelene, I "really" appreciated that picture
    There should be a way we can share this kind of pics without offending anyone or breaking the forum rules
  6. sweetschelene
    like I said don't feel bad, we don't want to get into trouble, better to be safe than sorry..
  7. sweetschelene
    It was fun to look at though... was it not!!!!!
  8. xcc
    Are you guys going to read the manga, at least the parts where our beloved appear?
  9. xcc
    @sweetschelene, more than fun, I'm still looking at it, do you happen to have a bigger version?
  10. xcc
    Just kidding!
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