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For all Sesshomaru fans

  1. minamino
    woaw i like it thanks sweetschelene
  2. sweetschelene
    anytime, just looking at him makes me want to drool...
  3. minamino
    woaw hope it isnt to obscene and that we wont be baned
  4. minamino
    well it looks good i have to say it sweetschelene
  5. xcc
    Great picture sweetschelene, thanks for sharing! I always wonder how he would look like without clothes...
    However, I think it would be safer to saved it to ours computers and after that you can delete it. I don't want you to get in trouble because of us.
  6. minamino
    guys you can invite whoever you want my dears to this group i have invited some people but right now are offline so for now is only the three of us
  7. sweetschelene
    I hope it doesn't get banned either... If you think it is to obscene just tell me and we can remove it..
  8. minamino
    ok i will delet it is to obscene to bad
  9. sweetschelene
    don't feel bad at least you got a glimpse...
  10. xcc
    Obscene? Depends, for us pervs it is just fine. But this is a public group, and it is new, so everyone will be looking at it, and it is soooo hooot! I just don't want the mods all over us.
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