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  1. sweetschelene
    I put some of my novel on my site if you want to read it so far, I have some poems on there to
  2. Jokin
    gosh... yeah I AM HEREEE!!!
    yay. my ultimate favourite...
    Thank you for the group
  3. minamino
    wow another sessy fan well glad you joined my dear hope we will have fun together hope you like the pics
    sweetschelene poems were i want to read some please give me the link my dear
  4. Jokin
    yeah, they are great
    if I could, only Koga, Naraku, Sesshy and his companions would be in that anime...
    uhh... there is a fav line from that seiyu I have.
    it's in the episode, where Rin got taken away by monks... just simply: Where's Aun? I recorded it and use as one of my ringtone... I like him because of his voice too. The english version is horrible, but the hungarian one is good. Fav is japanese.
  5. minamino
    yay i know that episode when rin is saved by the monks from that demon that kidnaps children and then appears sessy and takes rin with sessy is so sexy i so love how he looks and actsand youre right the english version is horrible i like the japanese one his voice is so sexy and so arogant i so love it and i am glad you like the pics it tooked me some time to find them and put them some of them are really good and funny
  6. minamino
    were is everywone?? i am so lonely here shine-chan were are you why wont you come and play with me or anywone else
  7. xcc
    Hey! I'm here too!
    Yes, I loved that episode, I think it is everybody's favorite.
    BTW, there is an episode where Sessy saved Kagome, one of the ones I missed, does anybody knows which number it is?
    Speaking of Sesshoumaru and Kagome, there is a whole cult about it, I found this video on YouTube some time ago, the songs is in Spanish (if you want I can translate some of it), but it is just perfect for the theme of the video, at the end it is the scene from the episode I asked before, please check it out:
  8. brave heart
    brave heart
    hi to everyone hope you all fine soo happy to see you dears here too
    @mina: aww so sorry my dear i'm doing my best to replay to , replay to my VM , all groups and read the pages , sorry >< i will do my best to come here ok please dont be sad or cry please and my dear thank you so much
  9. minamino
    xcc oww glad you are here i was so lonely i thought i migfht die here well i know it is one that Kagome was saved by Sesshomaru and i think i know the one but i will see if that is the one you reffer to my dear and then say to you if that is the one wich episode it is so you can see it my dear
    oww didnt knew that is a cult about sessy and Kagome but they dont meet to often in the anime it is a little strange sessy and Kagome is more like inuyasha and kagome no?? and dont worry i live in Spain so i know spanish is my second language
    oww shine-chan i am not sad animore i know that you are busy my dear so i am not sad anymore i just need a hug now would you be kind enough to give me one??
  10. xcc
    Dear Minamino don't feel lonely, we are around.
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