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  1. monsoia
    hey, I figured I would write the first post. anyway, I noticed groups for both aarinboys and aaringirls, but I know there are lots of people on the forum that dont fit neatly into those categories. if there was already another group like this, let me know, but I looked through them and didn't see one. talk to you later when there are other people in the group!
  2. sami
    o/ others sounds like a loose enough category I didn´t see another group on a glance. Wow, not a lot of "us" fit in.. we must be reallyreally special
  3. monsoia
    there are more of us, but it seems this social group is just not very popular. oh well. just wait and see if anyone notices it. there are lots of people who state other genders in their signatures. either way, we are pretty special. and awesome! ^_^v thanks for joining the group
  4. SpiritOfTheWinds
    Hello everyone
    I was going to create my own group dedicated for people like us, but it seems it already exists :P
    So here I am... finally
  5. Charlatan
    Hi,.. I probably don't fit in this group exactly.. I just have always felt like a guy.. even though I'm atracted to guys.. oke there have been occasions where i have liked a girl....
    I know I get frusterated about it a lot.. my parents are not the kind of people that wouldn't mind.. my mom almost killed me when she found out I bought a photo of two girls kissing...she said if I where i lesbian she'd be ashamed of me and wouldnt go out of the house out of shame...
    so I'm pretty much frusterated...and angry at my folks for not understanding... small things like just liking a picture that has two girls kissing.. how the hell could i ever tell them I feel like I'm a guy..

    so anyway, I just decided to leave a post.
  6. Charlatan
    we neeeeed to spice this group up a bit.. *waves around with arms* C'mon peopleee!!!
  7. sami
    Hi there and yeah, we should liven up

    Thats kind of an extreme reaction from your mom.. just for a picture. I think its ultimately impossible for a person to be something they aren´t.. your parents I guess are refusing the chance to really know you

    I never had that kind of problems cause I don´t exactly feel like a girl or a guy and its possible for a girl to be "neutral" without compromising themselves or causing concerns. How I feel, depends of the kind of crowd I´m in.. with boyfriends I sometimes feel like I´m their boyfriend and I think some of them have felt unsettled with me
  8. monsoia
    I always forget about this social group, but we're slowly growing. yay! I'm that does suck about your mom Charlatan, but you never know if she will be able to come around if you teach her more about it. I know a lot of people who are 'girls' that feel like boys but really still like boys. You aren't alone in that, so don't worry
  9. SpiritOfTheWinds
    Yep, this group is misisng people, and I did forget about my Social groups for about 3-4 months! But I will try to come at least once a week from now on.

    That's so bad for you Charlatan.

    As for me, I'm now full-time a girl. There's still a lot of progress to do however. I do not wear make-up since I'm too bad at it. I do not practice enought and I should since I like it. I do not have my ears pierced since last time I had to remove them after a week (infection). My facial hairs are still there after almost 2 years of laser. An so on, but I live as a girl. I'm finally free!

    Hope you guys will be able to do so (if it's not the case).
  10. monsoia
    man, social groups are hard to remember. I want to post to keep this one alive though!
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