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  1. monsoia
    yeah, our group is slowly dying. I'm not very active on the forum anymore in general... How are you guys?
  2. redStargirl
    Hi, another transgirl here.
  3. barbaroshima
    Hello all
    I've spent a long time struggling with who I was, not to mention how others will perceive me. My confidence levels have always been somewhere around the vicinity of subbasement 12, so overcoming my fears in regards to friends, family and societal pressures isn't exactly a pleasant process. My family, for all their weirdness, tends to be rather conservative and I don't have many friends, so any possible outside support from those groups seems pretty hopeless. But more than anything, I want to feel comfortable in my own skin. To see myself in the mirror and think, 'Now that looks right.'

    I'm still absolutely terrified though. Hell, just typing this makes me a bit nervous.
    Recently I started work on my own compression vest, but it'll be a slow process. It's taken forever just to get to this point. One of my fears concerning that is how well I'll be able to pass, once I'm ready to start going out in public (I'm short, have big hips, and massive boobs). Nevertheless, I want to do this.

    So, yea, that's me in a nutshell. I'd like to get to know you all, the experiences you've had, and maybe make some new friends.
  4. redStargirl
    Hey Barbaroshima!

    Yeah, things are always difficult at first. There are so many things to deal with, aren't there?

    Well, if it helps any, here's an interesting little fact:
    In most studies of transsexuals, either MtF or FtM, the rate of regrets is...almost nonexistent!
    It's generally believed that no more than 2% of transsexuals regret it, and most studies report even lower rates, often lower than 1%.

    So, that means that if this is really how you want to live your life, it's almost certainly the right choice! Even if things are hard at first, I bet you'll do just fine in the end.

    I wish you the best of luck on your journey in life.
  5. barbaroshima
    @redStargirl: Really? Wow, I didn't know the figures where that low. It's actually kind of comforting to know that.
  6. monsoia
    I transitioned from a girl to a boy and I am doing just fine so far. It was pretty hard at first. I was obbsessed with my fat hips too. >_< A lot of 'passing' has to do with attitude though, and apparently I act like a guy. That sucks that you have a big chest; I'm lucky and mines not very big. What I've heard works best for big chested guys are actually abdominal binders.
    I used to worry a lot about how I looked, if I looked 'man enough' but I'm not as concerned these days. it took a lot of patience at first though... but don't worry things get better. I've been transitioned a long time, if you have any questions or just want to talk about it.
  7. barbaroshima
    Ah, its good to see I'm not the only one with such worries. Stupid hips... As for the boobs...I just had to come from a family were the only sizes are big and bigger. I tried the binder I made, but it just made me look like someone with an average cup size wearing a sports bra.

    I might see if I can find a good abdominal binder, if one of those would work better. Or maybe one of those compression vests that they make for males with gynecomastia. But my problem with that is the money. Aren't some of those in the $60-70 range?
  8. Charlatan
    haven't been here in ages *waves* well, I'm feeling a little bit better these days, so for now I think I'm oke looking the way I look. took me sometime to get here. though I still need to face my mums constant reactions of, ''Why do you buy clothes for men!?'' she, I think came to the conclusion that I'm a tomboy and nothin more really. she thinks its just a phase it will pass..

    That binder Idea sounds awesome!
    How is everyone else doing by the way?
  9. monsoia
    Hi Charlatan, its good your feeling better about things. And yeah, for girls that want to be boys the parents always think you're going to grow out of it...

    BTW... have you all ever heard of the manga Hourou Musuko? I just started reading it... and I think it's fascinating! It's about a boy who wants to be a girl and his friend that is a girl who wants to be a boy... you all will probably like it, even if it has some stereotypes. Here is a place you can read it online in English: Hourou Musuko Manga - Read Hourou Musuko manga scans online. It's ongoing, so it's incomplete.

    Back to some other stuff, yeah compression vests can be expensive. I use a rib binder/ rib belt. They work good for me but I'm only a b/c. I bought a vest once but it didn't work for me because I'm kinda fatty and it squeezed my stomach way more than my chest! When you bind you should experiement with which direction you push them. most people I know tend to do better if you push them down towards the arm pit. Like put your hand on top and press so that your nipple ends up point down. If you try to just flatten them straight against your chest it probs won't work. You guys should try youtube, there are some vids on there about it. I like abdonimal/rib binders because they are cloth, washable, and about 20-30 dollars.
  10. sami
    Ive been having this existentialist crisis lately. All my friends are settling down and nesting with their boyfriends and I feel like some of them are pitying me cause I&#180;m single.. it makes me frustrated because what they don&#180;t get is that I don&#180;t want that and that I have totally different kind of dreams. Being a wife or a mother just isn&#180;t in me. They don&#180;t understand either that it is significantly more difficult for me to find a partner that gets me and accepts me for who I am. Ive been single for almost two years now and I dont expect to find anyone like that ever... and Ive come to accept that as a likely scenario. Is that weird? I never had a strong desire to pair up, but I don&#180;t know if its because I have adapted or because I&#180;m inherently very independent. I guess I dont have a very strong understanding about the difference between romantic and platonic love. Ive just like a partner who I love and I don&#180;t even care If I have sex with them ever or not.

    So how do you guys feel about love and finding someone?
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