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  1. monsoia
    Thanks for the tips. I have read Meiji Kanako's stuff. It is wonderful! I think her characters are so human and so well done. I did notice that when I did a search there are a few new ones I haven't read before. So thanks for the reminder! I will also check out okadaya tesuoh. I can't seem to find her on the forum though, is she a new author? I will try and search the rest of the internet too
  2. monsoia
    Ah, I just noticed one okadaya tetsuo was banned because it was published... I'll think about buying it, but definitely prefer manga in Japanese... I'll have to see if the raws are still floating around less reputable sites..
  3. MorningShadow
    It's been long ago since I had any time to stop by and write, but finally!

    I am very happy to have a boyfriend who accepts and supports me in that I feel both like a girl and a guy, and that it's not consistent... But we rarely talk about it, which I feel that we should do. But how to I approach the subject? I told him what I am, who I am, before we got together as a couple, so that time, it was easy. But now... I feel a little afraid that I might make him feel, I don't know, insecure, in a way. Anyone got any ideas of how to speak up more?

    Aside from that, I've been fine lately, although I'm in a period where I question why I feel like I do, and it's kind of tough on me...

    How is it going for everyone else?
  4. monsoia
    Man, we died out again.
    Anyway, sorry it's been like a year MorningShadow! How are things going with your BF? What I do with the guy I'm seeing (who is mostly straight) is I take things pretty slow, and 'poke' at his boundaries a lot. It took me like a year to get him to let me be on top! But I am always doing small things that stretch his straight comfort zone. For example, I'll wear a gay pride shirt when we go out and see if he is nervous. If he is afraid to be seen as 'gay' because he's dating an FTM, then I would say he doesn't think of me as a guy at all and I'd dump him. Sometimes I'm a little harsh though (and often single).

    How is everyone doing? We need more group exposure for more members, so if you are a frequent poster please put a link in your sig for the group! I'm not on the forum as much as I used to be, and when I am I'm just posting smart ass comments in the voting booth.
  5. MorningShadow
    Me and my boyfriend are getting along well. We had some troubles this summer, but we managed to move on, which seems good. He's become more and more accepting, so instead of saying (jokingly) "you're the girl in the house" he says something along the lines of "you're sort of the girl in the house". That "sort of" really makes me happy
    Apart from that, I seem to have come more and more to terms with my gender identity, and for now, I've settled with being genderfluid. And it feels absolutely fine to just have a label!
  6. monsoia
    been a century again, but that's good to hear Morningshadow sometimes things just take time. Hope things are still going ok.

    Anyone have any ideas for bringing this group back to life? Or have groups kind of died down on aarin? People don't seem as chatty on the forum as the good old days when there were only five yaoi books to be had in english. :/
    As a possible conversation starter,
    So, do any of you know any good gender variant stories? Novels? Online fiction?
  7. MorningShadow
    Yes, things are improving so much! I'm happy to have a great boyfriend, lots of supportive friends and more sense of self now. It feels absolutely awesome!

    As for making this group alive again... I think maybe we need to figure out how to get new members, if there are any who would like to join, but don't know about us. And maybe try to make sure that there are some more discussion topics...

    Well, it's been ages since I read anything. But I'm on the lookout for some good reading as well...
  8. xSyaasx
    Hey c: I'm a new member. Ezrasyaas is the name~ I'm a transman c: I found you through a thread i posted looking for more transsexuals c:
  9. MorningShadow
    Welcome to the group! We're a bit quiet, but we're trying to get some more activity on here.
  10. Naomh
    Hello, I'm new to this group. I'm not entirely sure what I identify as, but I desire to have a male body and I also like men, though I still feel somewhat like a girl, but not entirely. I never told anyone about how I feel, but I plan to talk about it with a good (female) friend of mine, who I know has nothing against trans people. I hope that there are still some active people here in this group. I'd really like to talk to you guys.
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