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  1. bein
    oh? did you go on other websites or somethink??

    been looking at places, but never posted, just read what people say.
  2. MorningShadow
    Well, I told people in IRC chatrooms, mostly. Since I hang out a lot in chatrooms associated with the furry fandom, it is for the most part accepted as "not freaky". Or I've perhaps jsut been lucky... I don't know.
    But you could always tell people you "meet" the first time, that will be like making a statement - "this is who I am".
  3. bein
    yeh, i could. would you have any sites that you could recommend me?

    i had this dream last night about me being pregnant, and a gave birth to a baby girl, it was really realistic and it hurt...lol that was random just wanted to tell that random dream i had xD

    it was wired becouse i actly felt it wiggleing aroun inside me and when i gave birth it was so painfull, the sad thing was they took my baby away becouse they said i couldnt afford it o.O.....
  4. MorningShadow
    Well, I don't really have any good sites, just like that. You could try places that have to do with some sort of interest or hobby you have?

    Aw, that must have been quite a dream! I get an awful lot of the dreams where I'm a guy. And when I wake up, I'm either terrified, or at ease. >_>
  5. bein
    oh, is it usely yaoi based or just you as a guy doing random stuff??

    usely when im dreaming as the other gender, im usey 1. pregnat 2. just doing random stuff or 3... geting ummm sexed up by either the same sex or a guy o.O..... i do wake up thinking, there is somethink really wrong with me =.= but when its just a normle dream when im a female just doing random stuff im normley like, aww that was a nice dream =)
  6. MorningShadow
    Mostly, it's yaoi based. Sometimes to the point where I'm merely a spectator... but most of the dreams are like I'm a guy and then there's some other guy around. I can't remember a dream where I just did random stuff at the moment, but I'm pretty sure there are a few...
  7. loveDkun
    most of my dream am I pretty unisex/as I am now, or where you cant tell if im a guy or a girl.. it only if people say, he/ or I take of my clothes and im male..

    but somethimes it clear if im a guy or a girl, or more likely if I have a girl or a guy body.. it really not often im "a girl" actually really rare but I do somethimes have a bit of female body, or get referned as my girl name or she or stuff like that by other people..

    but as I said it pretty hard to tell cause im most of my dreams im just unisex in some kind of situation who rarely tell much about me, (it not always im me in my dream either but mostly)

    I dream some few dream where im pretty clearly male.. I dreamed one where I
    was kissing with my ex, or actually I saw 2 guys kissing, but then when I woke up I notice one of them was me, just older..

    the other one was I once dream there where a guy jerking me of as a guy. it was kinda strange but I woke up by the clock.. and just had to tell my friends XD LOL.

    kindof embarrasing but it almost only in sex dream where I can tell if my body is male XD 2..
    I dont think I wanna give more exemples..
    bein: I know transzone i talk a bit on.. there pretty much info and many transexual.. but mostly from UK..
    beside that I been in a GLBT group on mangafox, also there a threat on mangafox who got over 100 post about transexuals
    Transgender fans. - MangaFox's Online Community

    well.. then there few other sites like facebook and bf.. but i dont really recomand it..
    facebook do have a lot of trans people but mostly it more infor than if you want to chat..
    and bf is first of all danish, and then it mixed so there both people who wanna chat but also a lot who want date or sexmetting, or flirt.. and somethimes there shemale pervs there 2.. so I wont say it good as the first place..

    try look at the link I show you, and then transzone..
    Transgender Forums | Transvestite | Transsexual | Crossdresser | FTM

    p.s. dreaming about the giving birth sound scary? also the point it hurt? O__O
    im pretty scared of dreams.. is you?
  8. bein
    ohh cool ill check them site out then and get back to you ^ ^

    sounds like you have some interesting dreams like i do =)

    im not scread of my dreams, but the giving birth dream did make me cry when i woke up.. its mainly becouse they took the baby away from me ^ ^;;
  9. MorningShadow
    I used to be scared of my dreams. Mostly because they came so suddenly, like... out of the blue. And I didn't know how to react. I'm not scared anymore, and instead, I like them.
  10. loveDkun
    I think it cause I somethimes get some issues where I get sleeping paralysis or other things..
    and it often make me scary to fall asleep cause I got this dreams who make me scary..
    I like there some guys who somethimes is in my dreams, they kidnap me, rape me, or just try do something to me.. I dont know how they look, they can be invisible or like shadows.. and I dont know if it human or what.. but I got them in my dreams/hulunations
    and it really scary. first time I got it I thought it was aliens.. or anything like that..
    but then I read on the net there is some people who get sleeping paralysis and halunations, and it make me more clam but since im pretty easy to belive in this kind of think I somethimes find it a little hard just to say.. "it not that. specially not in the moment" the most scary thing beside the dreams and paralysis/halunuation is that after I got it once. im scary of getting it again so I try not to fall asleep and getting nervous and stuff wich just make it worse..

    I guess that the main point, beside that I often is about to cry when I talk about dreams unless it something really wierd so I have a sort spot on it..

    but I also find it pretty interesting even thought i think dreams are scary..
    I belive there a reason why you dream what you dream, somethimes the reason is pretty easy like you watch a tv show about cats and then you dream about cats..
    but it also tell about your dreams, worryes, fear, and thoughts..
    I belive dream is about what you: hear, see, think, and feel. or a mix of them..

    somethimes dreams tells about yourself in a way you might not have noticed...
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