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Who's the seme and why?

  1. Letovix
    Yeah yeah, I know it's an old question, but no one's asked it yet (as far as I can tell...) So in your opinion, who's the seme, and for what reason? I'm personally keen on Hikaru, because I think that Kaoru, while he is the more level-headed of the two, really isn't that much of an "aggressor". He seems to be more a pacifist when it comes to Hikaru, but I'm certainly not against swapping their roles on occasion... XD

    So let me know your input on the matter! I want to know what you think.
  2. yayforyaoi
    Well, I agree with you. I think that Hikaru is the seme too.
    'Cause I see Kaoru more passive and submissive than Hikaru. I also think that Kaoru would do everything to make his twin happy so he's just the perfect uke.^^
  3. RabidYaoiOtaku
    I agree too he's the perfect uke ^^, besides Hikaru is just too stubborn to be uke so he's the seme ^-^
  4. NaturallyMorbid
    I also think Hikaru suits being seme more, because he is the more forward of the two and seems to instigate things more than Kaoru.
  5. Maylani
    i definitely agree with you all hikaru is a much better seme as kaoru would ever be i think XD kaoru is so handsome... and too nice XD i can't imagine, how he would be as a seme XD
  6. Sayra
    I think Kaoru match perfectly in Seme and Hikaru in Uke.
    Because what i see about Hikaru, i think him is very good to be a seme xD
  7. Aki
    Hikaru is seme, no doubt about it. Kaoru is just made to be uke really...
  8. SashaLover
    Hikaru is definitely the seme. As Haruhi once said, "Hikaru comes across as more mischievous." Kaoru just seems more of a uke to me. They make the perfect couple.
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