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  1. mello954
    hell-oh there! I am kind of new to this so.....yeah. I LOVE YAOI! So does everyone else here I hope. >.>
    <.< Ohkay. so....what's up/ OH! how dew yew get out of being a Yaoi Ameratuer? I wanna become a Yaoi GURU!
  2. CottonCloud
    Hi n_n
    welcome to the world of yaoi xD (srry I wanna say that one time)
    yes yaoi is really cute :3 i love it to.
    hehehe i got the same problem I dont know maybe post many things as you can o_O

    well baibai n_n
  3. mello954
    AHAHAHAHAHAH!?!? *random Laughing! Totally bored right now! so many projects I have to doooo! GRRR! I wanna see Seimei! OH MY GAWD! I HAD A SAD DREAM THAT GRELL FROM KUROSHITSUJI GOT CUT UP BY SEBASTIAN! I WAS SOOOOOOO SAD!
  4. Ravie
    There are many anime I like to watch and Loveless is up there in the top 5.

    @mello954: I believe attaining Yaoi Guru only happens after you've posted a certain number of times. I don't know how many.
  5. mermydgurl
    Hey everyone. I'm new too, and I absolutely love yaoi. IT'S AMAZING!!! Anyways. I love loveless. It's also great.
  6. frano
    @hello mermydgurl , its nice to mee you^^.
  7. mermydgurl
    Thanks Frano. It's great to be here!
  8. KiCakes
    Well herro!!
    Im new to this site and everything but I stumbled across this somehow in my travels threw the site. So hello and welcome to you tuu =D
  9. Vandriel
    Helle veryone.I am relatively new here to. xD Its good to meet you all.-the newb waves- And at the same time,welcome. And yes,mermydgurl,Loveless is awesomeness. xD
  10. Sessinara
    Hi there guys.^^
    I'm new here too...nya~ rather back...'cause I wasn't here for a loooonng time...

    and then I saw this group so I absolutely had to join.^^
    I love loveless so much! >v<
    I've seen the 9th volume and I gasped for air.^^°
    I luv it!
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