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Loveless names

  1. Victor1139
    I was wondering if you guys ever came up with your own "loveless style" name, you know like stuff ending with -less

    i always ask my friends what would be their's, one of my friends and I came up with the name: Energyless, cause our fighting stile will be stealing the oponents energy

    Also, i'm the fighter and she's the sacrifice, you can post wich are you and who would be your partner
  2. Xapphire
    I would be Lawless, and I would be a fighter. The name because I would not obey any laws except the ones of my sacrifice. I do not have a sacrifice yet though...
  3. kik
    I've taken to playing all MMOs with the name Graceless <3

    I don't have a explination for it, but that some times people go though life gracelessly, coasting though banging into things on the way, much like I do. I supose our fighting style would be a lack of Grace, hard fought battles won by emotions and no holding back. (as many word-spell fights seem to be a graceful thing, of back and fourth and keeping calm under pressure) I would imagine my self a fighter (I love word play <3) and while I have not yet found a sacrifice, I did make a cool tatoo of this name...

    Don;t know where I'd put it though XD
  4. ExLibris
    Maybe because I have no cause in my life, but otherwise I really don't know.
    I guess I would prefer to be a Sacrifice. I get to own the fighter....
  5. Sessinara
    mhhh...I think I would rather be a sacrifice too...but I can't think of a name...
  6. sarahwanderlust
    Bideless. xD

    Because I love to wander around.
  7. Sessinara
    is that the reason for your name here?
  8. Xkirara619x
    i think mine would be hopeless because i lost all hope in life
  9. 1fangrl
    I all ready did this but, sine my name hasn't been taken here , I'll use it here! It would be timeless. I would stay the same forever but could manipulate time for others.
  10. LoveHateObsess
    Well actually ive been thinking about that for a while but never came up with an awsner but if i could choose one i'd have the name: "Lightless" because i always prefer things consumed by darkness rather than light (cause light burns) and id be a fighter!!!
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