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Loveless names

  1. narika
    I would think mine would be flightless because my unit wouldn't run from a situation if one came up. I would be a sacrifice because I would be able to tell the fighter, if I find one, what they need to do to stay ahead.
  2. novasan
    I think I'd have the name Dayless. I prefer being outside at nighttime, especially near a big city with many lights. I'd be a sacrifice, so I could help my partner to victory every time.
  3. chunkun
    Heartless, i have always like that :3 it would be some really really psicotic bad dudes with no remorse and doin sick stuffs haha.
  4. marrack
    thread still going? the name i chose was Skyless, it controls the air space and pressure someone is subjected to. i suppose i'd be the fighter cos i can't deal with pain.

    *Points to the USERNAME* Is 'HEEDLESS' and a sacrifice... Is still looking for a fighter~
  6. AlexandriteJun
    Not sure whether this thread is still going, but this topic had me curious as to what my name would be. I haven't started reading the manga yet, but I was thinking that surely not all of the names ended in less since Seimei's name is Beloved.

    I did find this, however, and thought I'd share: Loveless True Name

    I got Sightless: Without sight. "We do not wish to see you or you us". You fight without really looking into the opponents eyes or without letting them see into your own.

    Probably not what I would have chosen for myself, but that's the point, I guess ... our true names aren't chosen.
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