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Latest on Loveless?

  1. NekoInBlack
    Hi, does anyone have tidbits on new Loveless developments? I heard there were more volumes in the works, but a post on TokyoPop's forum says that vol. 9 is just now being released in Japan, and there's not much else about it.
  2. TieriaErde
    I wish volume 9 was being released in America.
  3. Vandriel
    Too bad.I should mvoe back to JP XD
  4. Bokuto
    I' ve bought volume 9 yesterday and i love it.
  5. Xkirara619x
    i heard vol 9 wil be released in america the issue is contract problems (e-mailed tokyopop) :3
  6. kik
    well, I like to keep up with what is going on:

    YUN KOUGA Official Website www.kokonoe.com

    She posts all kinds of cool little pictuers and things.... it is worth looking at even if there is no new yet on the next volume.
  7. Sessinara
    I've bought this volume 9 a few month ago...
    are there any problems or does this confine to America?
  8. kik
    I've went to every book store by me and can't find it XD
    I'm about ready to just order it online XD
  9. Sessinara
    mhh...strange. Anyway...perhaps it's diffrent because I live in Germany...manga are released here quick- I think- just like games not always but they manage somehow .
    Vol. 9 wasn't there for soooo long so i thought it would never be released at all...
  10. Xkirara619x
    its quicker in Germany because it does not need to be shipped overseas but they are having contract issues because Loveless was not supposed to be even 8 volumes in other words your lucky there is a 9 in the making or even a 8 i have all the books but 9 i have yet to find in America.
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