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Favorite Loveless Characters

  1. Ravie
    If you've watched Loveless, then you must have some favorite characters.

    Mine are:

  2. freakie1
    soubi and ritsukaaaaaa! they r the best! ilove them alot !_!
  3. Valentinus
    Has to be Soubi.
    But I also love Seimei, but he hardly appears in the anime.
  4. mekiYuichi
    I LOVE NATSUO AND YOJI!!! HANDS DOWN TOP!! and KIO!!! but Soubi is like0.0000000001 away from them so...and ritsuka is right behind soubi by 0.000000000000001 so I GUESS I LOVE THEM ALL! but i hate Seimei.....HE LEFT MY POOR SOUBI & RITSUKA! that back stabber....if you read the manga, you understand.
  5. lovelessneko
    Ritsuka is my fave character! Hes so cute! I really like Soubi and Zero next. I also can't help but love Seimei too, but that could be just because hes a hot ^^' I always like the evil one ^.~
  6. katyaoi
    i love Ritsuka and Soubi i also like Seimei he so hot and Kio ^^
  7. mermydgurl
    Hey everyone, new here. My favs are soubi and ritsuka, and kio. Kio's funny. I also think that seimei's hot, even though I hate him. Anyways... yeah their my favs.
  8. aquashadowcat
    i like soubi, Seimei and ritsuka and kio hmmm theres so many i like, like zero too though >.< i like them all really.....all the guys anyway
  9. shadowmaze
    i love soubi but i hate to the depths of the underwould ...his origenal master the peverted F*** who took my poor soubi's ears ...how could you >.<
    he was supposed to lose them the ritsu..
  10. lizzy5008
    I have a thing for the bad guys in almost every story so my faves are Seimei and Ritsu-sensei
    but Soubi is pretty darn yummy
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