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your favourite gravitation song?

  1. Qwertzu
    everybody... greetings to my fellow gravitation lovers!
    so, as the title suggests, I would like to know what´s your fave song... do you even like the music in gravitation?
    a bit of a useless question, but why not!

    oh, could anybody help me? what was that beautiful song Ryuichi (hope I spelled it right) sang on the Bad Luck´s debut? I woke up this morning and that song was playing over and over in my head! is it even included in the OST? thanks a lot
  2. believe09
    Oh, I absolutely ADORE the music from Gravitation!!!
    That song is called Sleepless Beauty, but the original is a lot more fast paced than how he sang it at their concert.
  3. BlackCoffee
    Hi everyone I'm new
    And the music from Gravitation is so wonderful,my favorite has to be Shining Collection..its so catchy
  4. shanna261
    For me it has to be In the moonlight
  5. Yasusen_Genbu
    Whenever I find Gravitation coming to mind, I always start to hum the first song Bad Luck performed in the series...could someone please tell me the title?
    I am also fond of Sleepless Beauty, particularly the versions performed by Seki Tomokazu and Yamaguchi Kappei themselves (I wish they did all of the songs in the anime, their singing rocks!)
  6. shanna261
    Yasusen_Genbu that would be The Rage Beat
  7. Ravie
    I don't know the title, don't understand a word of Japanese, but I love the song that Shuichi sings in the club when he sees Yuki watching and kinda freezes up, then Ruichi comes up on stage and sings with him.
  8. sweetnox
    Spicy Marmalade by Kotani Kinya... Hands down... You should watch it live... He's super cool!!! Just like Shuichi!! Shu-chan!!! WOOO!!!!
  9. Tofu
    To be honest I haven't heard them all, but so far my favourite mus be Sleepless Beauty.
  10. gravitation
    your are joking the music in gravi is just cool i love this music the most of jp-songs on my mp3 player are from gravi kotani and iceman
    mhm my favorit song is shining collection the live version ryuichi i love you
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