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what is your favorite gravitation guy......

  1. ldb1987
    i like yuki, hiro, and the lead singer in niddle gasper....
  2. naraka
    hi! my favorite gravitation guy is the lead singer and the blond guy from niddle grasper
  3. deb
    i love them all except for tohma can't stand him
  4. believe09
    Then, Ryuichi and Kumagoro!
  5. katsbrainwarp
    YUKI EIRI so troubled, so hot.

    Hated tohma (except when he got payback for Yuki and the pictures)
  6. aninhas
    i know that everyone likes yuki (so do i!) but actually i have more one character sharing the podium with him, and that's suichi (he's really funny and cute^^)
  7. chakkraa
    i love all the guys from grav but i have a special place in my heart for Shuichi ... sometimes i see myself in him
  8. MorningShadow
    I have a few favourites. First of all, I like Yuki a lot, but also Shuichi. And, well... I think Hiro can be really cool at times :-P
    Anyway, the reason behind me liking both Yuki and Shuichi is that I often feel that I recognize myself in both of them. Something like... Two different aspects of my personality ^^
  9. Ravie
    I like Yuki, Hiro, K, and Shuichi.
  10. rebeccayaoifan
    i love shuichi, yuki, and tohma the rest are cool 2
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