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what is your favorite gravitation guy......

  1. Badira
    For me it will be Hiro, K and Ryuichi...
  2. RikaWangChanYao
    Yuki!!! Obviousky!!! xD
  3. bijouflower
    I must by all means say ♥Shuichi Shindo♥ And of course Eiri Yuki, and Hiroshi Nanako, and Ryuichi Sakuma!!!!! I find K Claude Winchester to be a know it all and Touma Seguichi an overprotective buttface and Reiji is a brat! Honestly i can't even say i'm happy with her existence.
  4. Warriorz
    Hiro, K and Ryuichi Sakuma <3 Sorry others...but they have to tip the boat
  5. Pweedie
    I Love YUKI
  6. JadeLi
    idk yet. Only on my 3rd episode.
  7. gice2249
    ryuichi looooooooooooooove him with a passion and yuki's brother he's just too cool
  8. harunomasu
    I might be the minority, but I like the keyboardist, Fujisaki
  9. Silvamaru
    My favs are Yuki, Shuichi and Ryuichi... and I know this is a little off topic but I think Tohma looks like Key from Shinee when he has his hat on. .
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