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  1. lockongirl
    i think gravitation was the first shounen ai ANIME i watched.. and the second shounen ai /yaoi (>//////<) manga i read!
    xD I luv Mangas Yuki coz he's this cold bastasrd who can't help falling in luv with a cute klutz~shuichi! <3
    though in anime Yuki really is a BASTARD!! he's so mean n all..
    xD Ryuichi is jsut too cute, and it show's that even if ppl are "old" [he's not, i'm not sayint that he is!!] tehy can still be child-minded xD

    All over gravitation reall is an awesome manga!!
    i remember first time reading it, how i couldn't just stop laughing so hard at some times, and then another times i couldn't stop my tears falling >.< so awesome!!
    Anime is more comedy i guess.. of course tehre are dark moments.. but with the animatino it has.. it's not so.. emotional, i guess.. well it wasn't for me
  2. MidnightEmber
    YUKI~~ gotta love him ^.^
  3. Sessinara
    Sry...I have to admit that the best chara is Ryu >.<
    Nya~ that's my oppinion...I really love yukishuichi...but the most lovable character is ryu~~♥♥♥
  4. gravitation
    i know this group is sleeping but hey we all it
    what i really want to ask does anybody know where i can read the second volume of gravitation ex online?
    i just looked yesterday some sites like mangafox or manga traders but i hadnĀ“t much on the end

    who knows something?
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