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anime vs. manga

  1. lamael
    Hi just joined. I actually like them both though the manga I had to read a few times to get it..(kinda twisted) I do like the anime better, though.
  2. crazyforyou123
    I liked the manga better! It gets into more detail. ^-^
  3. RikaWangChanYao
    I Knew before the anime and only later the manga... but I think that the manga is much better!!! many things are more in-depth and the characters have more space... of couse I love the anime aniway!!!! *w*
    Personally, I prefer more the end of the manga instead of the anime!!!
  4. Osaka1991
    I've watched the anime and read the books when i borrowed them from a friend and i prefer the anime. Cuz Shuichi is cuter in the anime.
  5. Winx402
    the manga is faaaaaaaaarrrrr better. it details yuuki's past and how in the end he loves Shuichi even though he hasn't said it yet. in the future he will tell shuichi but until then he'll be satisfied with how things between them are
  6. laki
    i watch t the anime first, and end was cute but soo annoying! so i read the mange that's was better way more better. i still like the anime ^^ but the mange is..in sense of the story is more interesting to see
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