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Ryuichi is SOOOO CUTE & SEXY!

  1. mekiYuichi
    Well, he is so cute! and when on stage....SMEXY!!! XD! what you think?
    I totally agree.He's sooooo smexy!I'm getting the boxset!Hahahahaha!I love him!He's cute for a guy who's 30!On stage is the one of many cool ways you see him!XD
  3. gravitation
    hi i also love ryuichi and the real person behind ryuichi is also hot somtimes when i see the music video kiss shining on stage wow then i think ryuichi got alive
  4. Yasusen_Genbu
    I remember I fell out of my seat when I found out he was 30...he looks at least 22, to me at least. His personality switches really give him quite the charm, I love his childlike personality, and oh my, when he is on stage...*dies*
  5. HoshikoLuna
    Him I absolutely agree with you guys! Ryuichi is my favorite character of the whole gravitation group (L)
  6. crazyforyou123
    cant get enough Ryuichi even if i ate his cute little ass
  7. yaioboi13
    i luv em all
  8. Osaka1991
    He is so cute. I like it best when he's acting funny.
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