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  1. MiloWindby
    Just a new topic to talk about Anime and manga with neko boys. Please share any titles that you might know that have them in it.
    also, if you know any games, flash, rpg, action, etc... please post the title here.... or a link to it. Thank you ^^
  2. Adrian_Fire_Demon
    well... i dont know about Neko Games but.. i love rpg's especially Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts are my favorits!
  3. Rei Akatsuki
    Rei Akatsuki
    I have a few anime at home... i'll check the titles and post up the names.. and if i'm allowed i might post a link to my megaupload where you could download them!
  4. MiloWindby
    oh, please do post that link if you can, please and thank you
  5. Rei Akatsuki
    Rei Akatsuki
    Yeah i'm in the process of trying to b^tch my computer into uploading it. may have them up today and links tomarrow if all goes well~mew
  6. Rei Akatsuki
    Rei Akatsuki
    question?~mew. is do you guys already have loveless, it's not that hardcore but it's still yaoi fluff!~mew
  7. MiloWindby
    Yes... and no oO
    Ok, odd thing to say...
    however, you can find the manga on MangaFox.com
    but the anime... I don`t have it ;_;
  8. Rei Akatsuki
    Rei Akatsuki
    I right that's one that will actually listen to me at the moment... so I'll have ep's 1-12 downloaded by tomarrow!!
  9. Ohjisama
    oo Hayate no Gotoku isn't really a neko based anime but there are like 5 or 6 episodes that have the main person (a male) cross dressing with neko ears very cute ^^ I have a picture of him cross dressing as my avatar ^^
  10. yaoi_cat
    there a couple of great manga i know that are stories of boys dressing like cats for their "clients" - one is Suteki na Kegawa ga Nakute mo by Nabako Kamo and Love Rental by Minami Haruka
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