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  1. naraka
    well, i only flipped some pages of one called love neko and i can't remeber the story but he has cat ears (i think they're real) and also flirts a lot with the main character, but the guy is veeery reluctant it's funny^^
  2. Rei Akatsuki
    Rei Akatsuki
  3. Corwalch
    hey i read this non-yaoi shojou manga but it has one cute neko boy in the 4th and the 5th book: its called blaue rosen
    (ps. that blondie is a girl)
  4. Rei Akatsuki
    Rei Akatsuki
    nice on the neko.. * turns head sideways.* yes very nice!
  5. zander
    If you want to look for it theres a manga called Love Neko that is really nice.
  6. AarinsRitsuka
    I have read the first book of Suteki na Kegawa Nakute mo and Love Rental. They are both cute books and I really enjoyed them I think you people would enjoy them too. Such good stories
  7. abrasivenote
    yeah, i love Suteki na Kegawa Nakute mo capybara clicker
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