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A manga all about boys who are cats!

  1. mekiYuichi
    ok, its a great manga called 9-lives! it's great!

    1. one tip, don't read yaoi at school around preps or yaoi hates or people who dont know yaoi. I did it with this booka nd the back has a half naked pic of one of the charaicaters and they all would yell "YOU'RE READING A PORNO BOOK!" i had have to be like ," no yaoi, and no you can't read, you'd get disturbed,"

    hahaha XD XD XD XD!!!
  2. MiloWindby
    That reminds me of a time I was on a astrology site and looking at stuff about palm reading, the page just happened to have a semi naked woman on it (Fantasy Art) and I had a bunch of kids complaing to the teacher just to get me in trouble.
  3. dragon14253
    where can i get the manga 9-lives!
  4. Nirkal
    But ladies and gentlemen,

    isn't Yaoi porn? Let me check:
    1.) Naked people - check
    2.) Doing something sexual - check
    3.) This sexual doing is displayed - check

    So, to sum it up: PORN

  5. MiloWindby

    I have read Yaoi with little to no nudity... it has hinted at sex, but the main point was more the love and romance then sex. So no, Yaoi does not = Porn.

    (Though I do not argue that Yaoi can just be porn... it can also not be porn)
  6. Krowhop
    Pretty new to reading manga at all, any good recommendations? I read as much as I could of love/sex pistols, but there is no more online yet... and of course, loveless, There is a cat boy in shugo chara...but it is platonic. Is 9-Lives a cat boy yaoi? What cat boy yaoi's are out there? Recommendations?
  7. linz13
    Me to me to!!! I read sex pitols and liked it alot but was constantly frusterated with the lack of sex *pout* i need some cat boy manga too
  8. yaioboi13
    i luv 9- lives
  9. xXcherryangelXx
    hello everyone i just joined your group...nice to meet ya!
  10. OtakuResonance
    I just joined the group too! Anyways sounds like a good manga. If I read manga I'd be all over it. Me and my best friend. Gettin' all hot and bothered. Hahahaha we probably look crazy to the people around us while we're squealing and giggling through the pages, and yellin' at each other too. Man I wish she was on this site right now..
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