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What’s your favorite work from Kaori Yuik and why?

  1. Crimson2006
    Okay, so I noticed that no one has started a new topic here in quite a while, and decided to.

    So, what’s your favorite work from Kaori Yuki and why?

    *And yes, I just realized that I flipped the "i and k" in her name at the top, but I don't know how to change it ^^; *

    For me, I have two favorites, the first being Godchild because Cain is amazingly sexy---not to mention the fact that the story is so dark and twisted that it drew me in from the very first chapter. I mean, seriously, there's so much depth and angst in there. And the ending… wow. Godchild is one of those stories that haunts you long after you read it.

    My second favorite work from her would be: Boy’s Next Door. Again, it’s an amazingly dark piece that leaves a deep impression on you. I have to love Kaori Yuki for touching subjects that most Mangaka’s wouldn't dare to go. And with this story, she certainly breeches some unethical relations between a murderer and the man who falls in love with him. It's angst at it's best. I don’t recall where I picked the link up for this one [though it was translated/scanned by: Sakura-Crisis] but if your interested in reading the story, let me know and I’ll e-mail it to you.
  2. Yusuichi
    I love most of the angel sanctuary artwork and at the moment can't come up with a single one I like more than the other, but I'll come up with one soon...promise.
  3. AnnKo
    I can't Choose between Godchild And Angel Sanctuary.
    I Love The Artwork To The Both Of Them, And The Stories Are Amazing. xD
  4. Yusuichi
    One of the things I do like about her work is the way some of the characters are bound by bandages - the way she draws the makes them look so cute and desireable.
  5. HNCS
    can't decide between godchild and angel sanctuary. maybe god child because the plot line makes a little bit more sense to me

    but kaori yuki is amazing, i love the art.
  6. SugarKane
    Boy's next door by far! It was one of the first BL/yaoi I ever read and its still in my favourite mangas of all time to this day. Lawrence is so damn cute!
  7. penguin
    I absolutely love Boy's Next Door, as the plot is just so... amazing! The psychological genre is certainly one which appeals to me, and even though the manga is relatively short, a lot is put in without it feeling too crowded.

    A close second would be Godchild. As Crimson said, the ending was extremely good, and like so many other pieces of her work, it has a really interesting feeling and plot to it.

    (Gosh, just writing about them makes me want to read them again!)
  8. Valleweather
    There's...too many to choose!! I love Boy's Next Door!! It made me cry and no manga/book/movie has made me cry!!!

    Ningyou Kyuutei Gakudan is amazing as well! The characters keep the story going and it's so interesting!

    Of course, Godchild without a doubt. That's a given ^_^
  9. blacksheep
    I love all her works to death but I think my favorite will always be Count Cain/GodChild. I was following that manga when it was still coming out in Japan and I think I connect with Cain more than any other character out there. The manga has a lot of memories for me and its will always be my favorite manga of all time.

    Angel Sanctuary was the first for me (as I'm sure it is for a lot of people) so of course that always has a special place in my heart too.

    Of her newer stuff Ningyou Kyuutei Gakudan is definitely my favorite. Though Ludwig is close in the running there as well.

    Really I think the only work of hers I didn't like that much was Cruel Fairytales but I think its just because its one of her earlier works and the plot isn't as interesting. As well as some of her really old one shot short stories which come off more like the average early 90s generic manga style. But its interesting to look at them and see how much she's developed as both an artist and author.
  10. ShamelessFan
    I have to say my favorite is Ludwig Kakumei! Im such a sucker for fairytales, especially twisted ones. And Ludwig is gorgeous even with his egotistic womanizing personality and sick attraction to corpses. But in a close second would be Fairy Cube. That one had me in odd nightmares for weeks! I have yet to read many of her longer works but i am absolutely positive they will not disappoint me in their Gothic twistedness!
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