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  1. narda1234
    wow, haven't been here in a while. you three keep this thing alive and i notice a lot more member since i last visited.
  2. narda1234
    hiya guys, in anticipation for the olympics, i made this contest, i hope it's ok to post the link here

    Contest Link
  3. Blue_Star
    Thanks narda^^ Hopefully I didn't miss it>>' Oh, and yeah. It's been kind of difficult to upkeep the group what with being the time of year that it is. There's like, no news. They're having the winter classic @ Wrigley field this year but that's about it
  4. Honeykissfire
    Whoa, more people! Yay! Welcome!
  5. Blue_Star
    Dude, for reals.....*checks watch*
    The seasons are never going to change
  6. Honeykissfire
    The only thing that's been keeping me sane so far is track and field....Oh yeah, those swimmers have some nice yummy too!

    I do wish the season would get here before I start turning on to the NFL...mmmm....running backs.....tight ends......DAMN IT I need some hockey!
  7. narda1234
    just u guys think of it this way, each day brings you closer and closer to opening day. i hope my local sports channel won't get blocked out that happens sometimes
  8. Blue_Star
    Wide recievers.....and tight ends.
    Yessur, a real man's sport.

  9. ChaosShadow
    Just heard that Sakic resigned another year with the Avs! I'm so happy to hear that
  10. Blue_Star
    Were you sad about losing Jose? The guy can be an unreliable goalie at times but he's purty to look at.
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