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  1. narda1234
    u guys just crack me up
  2. Blue_Star
    Yeah. I myself am particulary pathetic >>'

    I guess there's no Rangers fans here, so noone will really have anything to say about Jagr leaving the NHL. The guy was always so icy! Total daggers *_*
  3. Isan
    Bought a shirt with Price and 31 on it
    But *_*
  4. Blue_Star
    Yeah, it's all so freakin' expensive >>' Like $30 for a vanity license plate I myself only have 2 Flyers shirts, 'cuz after the shipping and everything it gets to be like ouch ><

  5. Honeykissfire
    What? Jagr's leaving?!?!?! Damn, I sleep too much. How did I miss hearing about that? Yeah, he's good to look at....at a distance, too cocky for my taste but I don't mind lookin'.

    Just finished reading the report....Oh pooh, no more Jagr to look at....Oh well, plenty of other hotties to look at in the NHL.

    The season needs to hurry up and get here....The Olympics need to hurry up and get here...I need my T&F fix damn it!!!
  6. Isan
    Yeah I should buy a shirt for the owner too XDDD
    I bought a puck with Price's signature on it
  7. Blue_Star
    When you do, marker 'Owner' on the backXDDD Then when people ask you can be like

    Was the Price puck expensive? I so wants a Jeff Carter one, but Ebay is stupid and there's no way to tell whether anything is authentic >>'

    Gaah, there's so no hockey news right now
  8. Honeykissfire
    Just saw my 'canes schedule, they're playin' at home on my b-day against the Ducks! That's one present down for me....

    I have to wait til Oct. 10th for the first game of the season at the RBC....pooh, that's a ways off.
  9. Blue_Star
    Me, I'm forced to look at either the Blackhawks' schedule or the Blue Jackets XP Gotta hunt down them Flyers!

    Dude, that would be an awesome birthday present. Too bad my birthday is during training campsXD
  10. Blue_Star
    More members ^_^ Make yourselves known, people
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