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  1. Honeykissfire
    Lovin' that the Flyers are out. Glad that Phoenix and LA are going at it but I'm thinkin' another Staal should hoist the cup.
  2. crush crush
    crush crush
    Well, I definitely didn't expect the finals to be LA against New Jersey. For once, to me it doesn't matter who wins, though I'll probably be cheering for LA, cause it's not often the eighth place team actually wins. Should be interesting for sure, now, somehow I need to make it through the next few days without hockey.
  3. Honeykissfire
    Wow. How is it that this team was ranked 8th? Man, this has been an interesting playoff and final to say the least. Since the only person I have left in my work's hockey pool is Williams I'm gonna have to pull for LA. I guess one out of two ain't bad for the city of angels.
  4. crush crush
    crush crush
    Last person I had left in a hockey pool was Kopitar. Didn't come close to winning, but at least i had a player in at the end. Well, now it's just a long wait now, until next season. It was interesting that the only game I went to in person this season was against LA, and we lost 3-0 and here I thought we just sucked, guess it was the other way around, though they really did look like a team that could win the cup.
  5. Honeykissfire
    Yay we've got 2 Staals now in Carolina!
  6. crush crush
    crush crush
    And a third one on your AHL team too. So, you almost have four of a kind.
  7. crush crush
    crush crush
    Hasn't been much said here lately, and it might stay that way with another stupid lockout, hopefully somebody will decide they actually want to have a season. But, if it happens, i'll just have to play NHL13 instead.
  8. PoutyTim
    Hey everyone new to the group
    I;m a big ducks and blues fan(hates the redwings)
  9. Honeykissfire
    No hockey!
  10. Honeykissfire
    ......anyone home?
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