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  1. crush crush
    crush crush
    Players get injured, just cause you're good at hockey doesn't mean it's not gonna happen. I personally like when teams are all healthy, makes the games much more exciting. Also, it's better when you can beat a team with all their players in one piece.
  2. Blue_Star
    Pre-seasons are usually a little confusing, but I don't remember it ever being this bad. I don't know who anyone is anymore! XD
  3. MuuChan
    Wooo hoo my team won for tonite!! They played badly though haha. I can see why they've already predicted us at last place again >.>
  4. crush crush
    crush crush
    Well, one win is better than two losses to start a season. Then again, Buffalo has two wins already, so that helps a little bit.
  5. TheSportsGeek
    Late reply to say Go Wings! Nice to see them win both sides of back-to-back games to start the season. Oh, and LOL AVALANCHE.
  6. Blue_Star
    With Shanahan as the new disiplinarian, the suspensions are flying left and right. I think I kinda like it thoughxD

    You've been Shanabanned!
  7. Honeykissfire
    I'm soooo glad the season is in full swing. I got really tired of baseball being on every freakin' day! Now if only my 'Canes can get a better opening schedule. Damn that state fair!
  8. crush crush
    crush crush
    Yeah, it's really been and interesting start to the season for sure. Just glad the Flames actually won, after that terrible loss to Vancouver. They at least always seem to play better after having a bad game like that.
  9. Blue_Star
    We can start voting for the all-star weekend on Monday!~<3 I always go totally nuts with this, and just vote for who I think is cool rather than the most talented...^^;;;
  10. Honeykissfire
    Oh my 'Canes.....apparently they can hit just about everything but the back of the net tonight....
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