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  1. Mordor
    Lokomotiv Jaroslavl (КХЛ) had a plane-crash. All but one on that plane died.
  2. MuuChan
    very sad to hear all the bad news lately coming out of the hockey world it's totally horrifying
  3. Mordor
    It's a mourning-period after another this year. Sucks.
  4. crush crush
    crush crush
    It's just one thing after another, it really does suck. Lots of moments of silence when the NHL starts back up again. Hopefully there won't be anymore bad news before then.
  5. Blue_Star
    Pre-season is already starting soon! 0_0; Wow, the off season was kind of a downer, wasn't it? I hope things get maybe a little happier...
  6. crush crush
    crush crush
    I've already started getting my hockey fix from playing NHL 12. I'm starting to get back in the spirit of things again. Sucks that they had to do the roster update to take out the victims of the off season.
  7. Blue_Star
    Yeah, that's terrible ;_;

    Feel free to laugh at me..I play nhl '09 so I can still use my favorite Flyers roster :B Such a nerd...
    This year we have Maxime Talbot, so I'll have to get used to thatXD I'm sure I'll like him just as much over time though. It's always tough getting a player from a team you can't stand. At first you HATE them, but then after awhile you watch them play and learn things about them. Then eventually you develop a crush on themXD
  8. Mordor
    Hockey-season kicked off in my country few days ago. My team won on the first night, and today one citys both teams went against each other, resulting in 7-8 score. I think this'll do 'til NHL starts again. I over-abused my NHL-games during the too long summer.
  9. Blue_Star
    There was pre-season hockey on last night but I missed it cuz I was out. It was the Sens vs. Leafs or something....
    I watched NHL Live too for the first time in ages yesterday. Still a lot of speculation about Crosby this year. They said he was out skating but he can't have any physical contact yet.

    While he's not my favorite player (putting that lightly), I think it really sucks that he's had to struggle with a concussion for this long. Talk about a long and difficult road. I don't care who you are, no one deserves that. I hate it when people get serious injuries. They could be my least favorite player in the universe but it doesn't matter.
  10. Mordor
    I usually feel sorry for the guys injured, but I hate Crosby so much I personally do like the fact I won't be seeing him anytime soon. I'm soo gonna get killed for this. ^^;
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