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  1. narda1234
    most the new suits now are full body suits, or at least knee-length not the classic speedos. but they're so form fitting, i guess you just need a bit of your imagination. there's always track or gymnastics
  2. Honeykissfire
    Ah yes, track....yeah....I really need to get laid later on this morning....
  3. Honeykissfire
    Theodore's with the Capitals now. Yummy! My 'canes re-signed Ruutu yay! He's got lovely eyes! Same with Justin Williams. Damn it if I remembered how to take a screen shot of my wallpaper I'd post it for you guys. He look mm mm good!

    I've noticed that both the Pens and the 'Canes have a Staal and a Whitney. Kinda strange kinda nice. I know the Staal's are brothers so that's kinda nice, it'd be strange of the Whitney's were related....
  4. Blue_Star
    Ah, you beat me to it Honeykiss!XDD I was like wtf?! Theodore's gonna play w/ Ovie!? [Blue's hour long rambling can be inserted here]
    ...I'm gonna have to get my ass over to the East coastXD

    There's like 45 Staals, isn't there? Yeah, I know there's just 4 but sometimes it seems like more>>' Happy for Ruutu of course. You're right. His eyes are like (not cross-eyed...but you get me)

    ...Jeff Carter has been re-signed. The hockey gods must like me. But I wonder what's going on w/ people like Federov and Selanne?......
  5. Honeykissfire
    Hossa's gone to those evil Red Wings! NOOOOOOOOOOO! And Cole's gone when we signed Melichar! This is soooo not fair!

    I get ya Blue. They are nice to look at either way.
  6. Blue_Star
    Yes, they are evil=_= I didn't know Hossa was only 29. They were talking about him on tv and I was like 'eh?!'

    Ok, what the hell is up w/ Avery going to the Stars??? And I've gotta find out what's gonna happen to Ryan Miller. There were rumors of him going to Detroit too. Really hope that doesn't happen!
  7. Isan
    Well we lost Streit and we got Laraque.................
    I could have done without both
    wth is Laraque going to do for us exactly? ¬_¬
    He did nothing in the playoffs *snorts*
  8. Isan
    On another note, withdrawal is starting to hit me bad and I'm pondering going to the Habs shop to blow some money and cheer me up
  9. Blue_Star
    If I lived near my favorite team I'd live in their merch storeXD

    Last night I finally got to see the Alex Kovalev training DVD *_* Dude, it was so the soft porn. He even did a little strip tease in the outtakes..............

    .......Totally changed my view about the guyXD
  10. Honeykissfire
    I'm glad that I live 20mins from Raleigh, but I never get a chance to go to the games! I'm always working!

    On a happy note, Fleury's stayin' where he is! *does happy dance*

    I'm feelin' ya there Isan, I'm about ready to do some YouTube-in' to get my fix before I start workin' on the next scene of my story that I'm posting tonight.
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