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  1. fumino
    oh, i can wait for preseason. i know too many leafs fans, and its always gonna be their year.

    at least now my hometown team has the cup.
  2. Blue_Star
    those fires *facepalm*
  3. crush crush
    crush crush
    It's been a while since the flames made a move. I'll miss Regher on the flames, but getting traded to Buffalo is okay. Buffalo is my second favorite team, so it works out fine for me. It's nice to have cap room for a change though. lol
  4. Blue_Star
    ...son of a b*tch.

    Philly lost both Richards and Jeff Carter my favorites To Ohio and LA of all places too T_____T; Ah well, trades are like that I guess. Anyone else suffering from trade drama like I am?XD
  5. crush crush
    crush crush
    That really does suck that they're both gone, I figured one for sure, but didn't think both. Well, that's just how things are sometimes. For the flames, nothing else so far, but Buffalo seems to be doing a lot recently. It's funny how one moment you can hate a player, and then they're on a new team and you don't mind them anymore. Cause I wasn't a fan of Ehrhoff's when he was on Vancouver, but he's okay now that he's on Buffalo. I'm excited for them next year with their defence now.
  6. Blue_Star
    I know right?XD It's like you used to not like then, but then you start learning a lot about them and you're eventually like
    Why didn't I see it before?!XD
  7. fumino
    jagr to the flyers. what the hell.
  8. crush crush
    crush crush
    Yeah, it's fun how players can go from hated to liked. That's hockey for you.

    It's been a while since Jagr has played in the NHL, so we'll see if he can keep up when it comes to NHL sized arenas. I wonder if it'll end up the same way it did with Forsburg.

    Wow, can't believe Heatley got traded to Minnesota. Well, just means the Flames will be playing him two extra times now. I think he's a good player, though I'm biased cause I went to the same high school as him. Not at the same time, but yeah, same one.
  9. Blue_Star
    What. The. Ffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu-
    Jagr has no soul. I swear the guy is some sort of machine. I mean, he used to be human, but I remember one time they did this piece on his personality on a game I was watching and how much it's changed. The guy doesn't even crack a smile anymore ._______. When I read the news about him going to Philly I totally wanted to cry.

    Really I still do want to cry.
    I thought he was cool with the KHL thing. Why can't he go just go back??!?!

    Heatly for Havlat! San Jose won itself a gingerXD
  10. Mordor
    I'm not suffering trade-drama as much as lack of it. Some awesome players decide not to go to a fricken NHL-team when they get the chance, instead they decide to stick with smaller league made of bloody FAIL. Not to mention that they stick with the crappiest possible team. Why can't they get that I wanna like them and they should play in a non-hateable team because of that.
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