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  1. Blue_Star
    Aye, fumino. IndeedXD

    OMG Thanks Mordor for the youtube clip. Talk about partyin' hard. Hope Finland rubs it in everyone's faces well until the next tournament. Especially Sweden because they deserve itXDDD

    Well, it looks like it's going to be VancouverxBoston for the cup. By that I mean Vancouver doing the raping and Boston liking itXD
  2. Godzilla8Tokyo
    Finally! A place I belong!
  3. Mordor
    Please, Boston will be the one abusing the hell off canucks.
    And yeah, Sweden wanted to close the border up north because of Finns rubbing it in, and Russia is trying to claim that if it wasn't for them Finland would've lost. Which is a logic I fail to understand.
  4. Blue_Star
    Hi Godzilla^^ Welcome to the group

    Whaaaaa? Mordor isn't going to support a Canadian team?XD *shocked*
    Well, what does everyone think about the Thrashers getting sold? Winnipeg gets to have a team again, so that much is nice...
  5. Mordor
    I was shocked too when I realized this. Still am actually. But you know, in the end Bruins endless fighting > Green men. XD
  6. Blue_Star
    Those green men must have some serious cash/season tickets. Always right there by the box...
  7. Mordor
    Yeah, and they travel around too, I'd kill to have that kind of cash. XD
  8. Blue_Star
    So far Vancouver is still doing the rapingXDD Wonder if things will go differently tonightXD
  9. Blue_Star
    What. The. HELL.

    I start watching the game last night and pow! 0_0;
    I've never heard of Aaron Rome until now. But wow. Just wow ^^;;;; Four games out for that hit on Nathan Horton. I'd say it was justified.
  10. crush crush
    crush crush
    Glad to see that Boston won, they deserved it. Thomas was really awesome all four rounds. It also showed once again, just what kinda fans Vancouver has. Classless, though I figured they'd riot win or lose. Can't wait for preseason now, get to cheer for my Flames again.
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