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  1. Honeykissfire

    We shut out those evil Red Wings!!!!!!

    Cam was on point tonight! Yay to Josslin getting his first goal as a 'Cane and what is there to say about Skinner? He's freakin' awesome!
  2. crush crush
    crush crush
    Well, it's over for my Flames. Oh well, was quite enjoyable after the terrible start to the season. Now I'm gonna cheer for the Sabres, so hopefully they'll at least make it. Should be an interesting couple of days left before the playoffs.
  3. Blue_Star
    Ugh the Redwings are so eeeeeeevvvil!XP (sorry if anyone's a fan.) Sorry to hear about the Flames!!
    Ryan Miller is made of awesomeness so I hope Buffalo does great too!
  4. crush crush
    crush crush
    If I had to pick between the Red Wings and Vancouver, I'd pick the Red Wings. Though, that's about it, well Edmonton too of course. Yeah, he really is awesome, just hope he comes back so the Sabres can wrap up a playoff spot, glad the Rangers lost today.
  5. Mordor
    Blue, no be dissing Wings. Tho, well that can be taken as a compliment XDDD
  6. crush crush
    crush crush
    I just hope that Chicago can eliminate Vancouver again. Then Chicago can lose, basically, I'd be fine with anyone other than Vancouver winning.
  7. Blue_Star
    Yeah, take the Detroit being evil thing as a complimentXD
  8. crush crush
    crush crush
    Well, I'm just happy that Buffalo won a game. Gives me something to look forward to.
  9. Blue_Star
    I'm the resident Flyers fan of the groupXDD Sooo yeah Good luck!

    The sucky part is that I like Buffalo too. Ryan Miller is made of awesome. And I think Lindy Ruff is a cool coach ^^ Scary temper, but still cool.
  10. crush crush
    crush crush
    Well, it's tied now, so it'll be an alright series I think, last year I was hoping the flyers would win the cup, close for sure, I just have teams I don't want to win, and well, so far it's not looking too good. lol I can only hope though.
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