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  1. Blue_Star
  2. crush crush
    crush crush
    I just joined this group and I was really happy to see that something like this existed here. So, I just wanted to say hello. I have always been a Flames fan for as long as I remember, but I also like the Sabres.
  3. Blue_Star
    Sorry for the late reply crush! Welcome!!~

    Hope everyone is ready for the playoffs?!
  4. crush crush
    crush crush
    It's alright and I'm ready, though seems it'll be a miracle if my flames make the playoffs. I still have hope, we'll see what happens.
  5. Blue_Star
    So you're a Flames fan^_^/ Fav. player? I've always thought Iginla was pretty cool. It's too bad he wasn't at All-Star Weekend cuz I wanted to see him^^;;
  6. crush crush
    crush crush
    Yup, though, thanks to last nights game, probably only have 4 games left this year. Oh well, was a strange season. Yeah, he's my favorite player, I met him once before, so that was pretty cool, he's very nice. Yeah, that was too bad, but he didn't start playing really well until later in the season.
  7. Blue_Star
    GAaaaaaaaaaaah so jealous!!!XDDD Did you get a picture? I wanna see o_o;
  8. crush crush
    crush crush
    Sadly I didn't get a picture, did get his autograph though, so that was good. It's awesome that he got his 1000th point the other day, was so happy about that.
  9. Honeykissfire
    Hi crush crush! Welcome!
    I'm sitting on the edge of my seat hoping that something happens like my team ('Canes fan) winning all of their remaining games and others in the top eight losing. But I will be watching the playoff since my other team (the Pens) are in there! Nice game tonight against the Devils. I hope my 'Canes can make good against those evil Red Wings...
  10. crush crush
    crush crush
    Hello and thanks. Yeah, it's a pretty good playoff race, I'm a Sabres fan, and well, the best thing that could happen would be Buffalo and Carolina winning, cause I'd rather see the Rangers in 9th. For the Flames however, I need Chicago to not get two points, one is fine, but I hope they lose the rest, cause right now we need 3 out of 4 just to get ahead of Chicago. It's looking bad, but still doable, just wish it didn't come down to Edmonton and Vancouver, two teams I hate by the way.
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