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  1. Honeykissfire
    Holy schnikey it's been more like fight night lately. First Boston and Montreal and then Pittsburgh and the Islanders. Even the goalies are gettin' their fight on! I so wish I could have seen that game Friday, damn Foxsports give me Pittsburgh! I don't want Atlanta and Nashville! I wanna trade! Hell, I'll even take Washington!

    Oh yeah! I'm going to my first Hurricanes game on the 22nd against the Rangers! It would have been awesome to go that Friday 'cause we're playin' the Pens but I'll be on my way to DC for the first time. Anyhoo, I'll still get to see two Staals for the price of one! My kitchen manager got to go to the All-Star game...so jealous, but that's ok, I get to see my guys in action finally! I'm so freakin' excited. Best Valentine's Day gift ever...next to the good lovin' of course!
  2. Blue_Star
    @ Mordor: ......I can't believe I missed that 0_0;;; Carey Price you little b*tchXDDDD I can only imagine how great it must have been to be there live.

    @ Honey: OMG be sure to go gawk at Eric Staal for me!! He was so cool at All-Star weekend. Loved his picks for his team
  3. Mordor
    Wings-Bruins weekend was hella impressive too. I gotta give thanks to Bruins for being such hot-headed guys. It's always entertaining to watch their games.
  4. Blue_Star
    This coming Sunday is Hockey Day in America everyone!~ Be sure to celebrate, no matter where you are.

    I know I will be with the Flyers x Rangers hate-sex.
  5. Honeykissfire
    Had fun at the game. Got a bunch of pics....can't get them to upload here for some reason But I will try though! Sucks we lost in a shootout. We really need to stay away from those... Got plenty of gawking time Blue! Now I just need seats closer for even more sharper pics. Can't wait for Friday when my first team and my home team go at it. Wish I had tix to that game since I'm not going to DC. *pouts*
  6. Blue_Star
    So. JEALOUS!!! D: *flails*

    Sorry they lost, but at least you were there in personXD
  7. Honeykissfire
    Arg! I can't get the one pic that I wanted of Staal gettin' up close and personal with Lundquist in the goal and I can't get it to upload! Eeeeevvviiiilllllll!!!!!! But I did manage to get two up for you guys. I'll keep tryin'!

    Pooh, no more Sergei!

    edit: Yay I got it up wooohoo!
  8. Blue_Star
    Omg I just now looked at your pics. You had really good seats 0_o; Awesome! Wow, Lundquist and Staal really did get to know eachother a little better that gameXD
  9. narda1234
    I haven't visited this part of the forum in so loooooonnnnnnggggggg
    but of course, have talked nonstop about hockey with my bro and a lil trash talking with my co-worker. gotta love it, he's from the same place as me but roots for the team across the river? sheesh.
    sprint for the finish is gonna be chaos hoping we can sneak in and spoil the party for someone, hehe

    anyways, been to 3 games this season with records of 1-2, ugh. you have the first half of the season to blame for that. now would be a great time to go but sadly, no moolah
  10. Honeykissfire
    Arg we did not look good against Chi-town the other night. I'm hopin' the rest will do them good for Wednesday. Ugh then the damn ACC Tourney makin' me work in the damn daytime.....eeeeevvvviiiiilllllll!!! I'm really not a fan of the Madness when it comes to college b-ball. Hockey on the other hand...

    Good to see you again narda!

    Blue: That was my first time being in there. I've heard people say seating is really good there and they were right. I was on the club level and it really was great. Next time I'll try for some lower level (or get my bloke to get lower level).
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