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  1. MuuChan
    Blue, I know how you feel Lol! Shootouts have been such a huge problem for my team :S

    But lucky night tonight!!! That kid has BALLS!!!
  2. Blue_Star
    OMG I definitely had to watch that more than once!! Very flashy. I like it!!! Thanks for posting :3

    Hey if anyone has great things I should watch post it!XD
  3. Honeykissfire
    MuuChan your team isn't the only one that sucks at shootouts! My 'canes finally won a shootout against St. Louis. Every time they went to overtime the last couple of games I kept going 'we need to win, no shootout, no shootout.' Of course we'd go to a shootout and loose it but we finally broke that streak thanks to Jussi!
  4. Hayato1
    Hi there. Just found this group and decided to join. My team is my hometeam; the San Antonio Rampage.

    YouTube - San Antonio Rampage entrance
  5. Blue_Star
    Welcome Hayato1! Awesome you like a minor team! Me tooXD Go Indy Ice!
  6. MuuChan
    Great to hear Honeykissfire!! You can finally say "about time!" lol

    Found this video.. hehehehe
  7. Blue_Star
    Aw, that's just cuteXD

    Speaking of the Captials, the winter classic was on yesterday. Although they were pretty much skating on waterXD
    It was almost 50 degrees F out!
  8. Mordor
    I just watched Winter Classic. Laughed at the water on ice, but that's about it. I think Crosby kills the whole thing for me, I was fuming the whole time and hoping he'd crack his head.

    as for the previous topic of sorts, gotta love minor teams. I follow two minor leagues myself.
  9. Blue_Star
    I take it you witnessed Crosby's on-ice embellishmentsXD

    I do my best not to say anything, since I know there's Pens fans in the group but.....yeahXD
  10. Mordor
    Did anyone watch Habs-Bruins?

    Because.. damn.

    YouTube - Bruins-Habs brawls, goalie fight uncut 1080p NESN HD 2/9/11
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