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  1. Honeykissfire
    We've traded out Tom K. and Anton to Calgary! I hope White and Sutter can bring something good to the table. We need the help!
  2. Mordor
    Olli Jokinen is in deep crap D:

    But tomorrow, there will be some goddamn Wings-Wild!
  3. MuuChan
    To Honeykissfire: LMAOOO No offense but I don't think they'll do well :P Calgary sucks Although I felt kinda bad for the Sutter kid cos his dad had to trade him lol
  4. Mordor
    Anyone else watched Lightning-Flyers? That was.. insane.

    Yeah, the Sutter-case was in our news as well (and that's saying a lot, NHL don't get much spotlight around these parts of the woods.) It was kind of sad.
  5. Blue_Star
    I wasn't able to catch that game Mordor as it wasn't on in my area. But I did have it on mobile updates. Sounds like it was crazy!!

    I dunno, Muuchan, the Flames did just beat Philly todayXD It was a shootout, but still...
    Hope any Americans here had a good Thanksgiving!!!
  6. Honeykissfire
    Surprising enough, I didn't really hear much about the Sutter issue here in Carolina. It was just mentioned his first game with the 'Canes, but that was it. He seems to be doing ok here. Really likin' Skinner, that youngster's doin' pretty good so far.

    Yay, both my teams won today!
  7. MuuChan
    Blue: Yeah, surprisingly they're kinda.. decent. But you didn't hear that from me!!! Calgary still sucks XDDDDD

    Our team won tonight!! 2-1 YEAAAAHH!! Taylor Hall scoring the OT winner Might be losing Smid to concussion injury and that poor fella in the end..

    On a side note, we're having a really, really tough time trying to pull the deal for a new arena here in Edmonton! Katz group keeps threatening the fans by implying they'll be moving the Oilers to Quebec or something. It's such a nightmare D:
  8. Blue_Star
    Wow nice to finally have the forum backXD But a little confusing since everything's just the same but not really. I'm about to get ready to sign myself up for the aarin buddy system and I've been here for yearsXD
  9. Honeykissfire
    Interesting, a buddy system... Might look into that myself. Love that the forum is back. Not so keen on the 500 Internal Server Error I get when I'm trying to make my stories readable in the Fantasy Black Mode....*grrrr*
  10. Blue_Star
    WTF was up with last night's game?!?!XD Flyers scored to win, but it was like literally a millisecond too late. Then they lost in a shootout. Always boils down to the goaltending in the end. Philly's fatal flaw *sigh*
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