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  1. ChaosShadow
    Avs beat the Wings today! Woohoo!
  2. Blue_Star
    Already into our local team this year. Fights to defend friendship It was epic...even though they majorly lostXD

    Congrats to the Avs!~ Flyers play the Pens tonight 0_0;;;;
  3. Honeykissfire
    My Canes will be happy to get back home. They're on the road simply because the NC State Fair's goin' on and it's a f*ckin' nightmare around the RBC Center. I'm hopin' for a win tonight in San Jose! GO CANES!!!
  4. MuuChan
    Ooooooh Blue Been doing ok :P I disappeared from aarin as usual for a long time lol. But omg..
    Oilers are freaking horrible still. There's no way we'll make the playoffs this year. And Taylor Hall still hasn't scored a goal yet D: I feel kinda bad for him!

    What are the chances of us getting the first round draft pick again?! LOL
  5. Honeykissfire
    Yay my Canes won tonight!
    Boo my Pens lost tonight!
  6. Blue_Star
    Omg what is up with the injuries?!?!? Parise and his poor knee. J Staal and his hand! D:
  7. narda1234
    going to my first game of the season tonight too bad zach is injured
    excited for the club seats though, in addition to hockey, i'm gotta stuff my face with free food
  8. Blue_Star
    Wow narda's still alive!!! D: Yay! XD
    Hope the game was fun!
  9. Mordor
    Yeah, I also hope you had fun in your game
  10. Blue_Star
    Great news (at least for me sorry)
    Jeff Carter's been re-signed!! *happy dance*
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