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  1. Isan
    Really? Didn't hear that There was a huge fuss about Matt Sundins though
  2. narda1234
    i'll worry about my team's roster when the season opens
  3. Honeykissfire
    I'm with you on that one narda. Too much crap goin' on at work to pay attention to the draft plus I'm in Track & Field withdrawal....need olympic trials.... It helps to watch hot guys throw things for some reason since I can't see any hockey fights.
  4. narda1234
    @ Honeykissfire: you should get enough of that once august comes with the olympics. i'm looking forward to the swimming events. too bad with all the technology on suits now, most swimmers have full body suit , but eh, gotta remind myself i'm there to watch the swim meets
  5. Blue_Star
    I'm only worried since my favorite player is a free agent and everyone wants him ><' But aaanyway yeah. There was talk about the 2012 summer oylmpics maybe being in Chicago:haapy: If that ends up happening I'm sooo gonna try to go!

    $$$$$ though ;P
  6. Honeykissfire
    narda-- You poor thing! But those suits are very form fitting from what I hear. I'm glad they don't have that kinda thing for T&F. I've gotta see some nice tight bods...

    I try to remind myself I'm lookin' at their form when they throw like I watch hockey players for skill and techinque...but it's sooooo hard when they look soooo yummy!
  7. narda1234
    @ Honeykissfire OMG, in T&F, esp the sprints, when they do slow mo... let's just say, it draws my eyes to you know where flapping around i really did not just say that

    @Blue_Star:2012 summer games has already been decided. it's gonna be held in London. i wanna go to 2010 winter though in vancouver. i bet that's gonna be a lot of fun
  8. Blue_Star
    Damn it!XD
  9. Honeykissfire
    narda-- Yes, I so love technology!
  10. Blue_Star
    *sigh of relief* My fav. player just got re-signed^^ Although they refused to disclose for how long ><'

    No oylmpics for me My sister mentioned something about the new swimming outfits....that they hide the junk?XDD Hope that's not true
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