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  1. Honeykissfire
    Come on 9.21!!!!!
  2. Honeykissfire
    Watchin' my Canes take on SKA St. Petersburg.... They just scored again so it's 3-2!
  3. Blue_Star
    Seems like the offseason was kind of shortXD Either that or the summer just flew by for some reason.

    Michael Leighton's out for a long time with an injury...so is Lappy...too bad.

    I get to renew my subscription to the Hockey News next week!! *nerds out*
  4. TheSportsGeek
    Red Wings fan in the house! Can't wait for Friday night.
  5. Mordor
    I went to see Hurricanes vs. Wild live, ended up in 4-3... I'm disappointed.

    K maybe I'm too big of a Koivu-lover for my own good, but still XD
  6. Mordor
    Not really NHL-related, but hockey related at least. Joakim Englunds throat got cut open by a skates blade *~*

  7. MuuChan
    Morg.. whut.. D:

    Great season opener from MY team!!! 4-0 Now Battle of Alberta is once again exciting! The kids seem to really hit it off at the ice! And Steve McIntyre bulldozing a Calgarian player was a cherry to my perfect hockey night

    YouTube - Jordan Eberle scores his first career NHL goal
  8. Blue_Star
    @TheSportsGeek: Welcome! Great to see more hockey fans coming out of the woodwork to confess their sins. Tell us what you know about Detroit's darkest secrets!XD

    Ok...getting carried away. Just excited that the season's finally here!

    @Mordor: That's terrible about the Wild, but it's even worse about that guy getting his neck sliced open! Didn't that happen to another guy in the nhl just a couple years ago? Kind of a freakish accident, but it does happen. Any update on whether or not he's ok?

    @Muuchan: What's up girl?!? I haven't talked to you in awhile. How've you been? What a sweet goal to be your first! It definitely made me smile, especially since it was against Mr. Kiprusoff.
    The toe drag!!!!

    Btw I find it HILARIOUS that Henrik Sedin is now the captain of the Canuks You would have figured the twins would have set up some stipulations or something. Maybe I'm just being cruel, but I can't help it. Amusing ^^;
  9. TheSportsGeek
    Detroit's darkest secrets? Aside from this: Authorities ignored reports of corpse frozen in block of ice, says Detroit newspaper

    But how bout dem Wings? Winning both halves of a back-to-back to start the season, complete with ruining the Hawks' banner ceremony. Feels good, man.
  10. Blue_Star
    Ah, Detroit fans. So cutthroatXD
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