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  1. Blue_Star
    Preds for the cup in 2011!XD
  2. Blue_Star
    .....I can't believe I'm typing this but....

    If the Flyers win one more game....

    ..... 0_0; *flails*
  3. Honeykissfire
    My home team's old coach and backup goalie are goin' to the Finals......

    Karmanos is probably kickin' himself right about now....I know I would. I should faint.....
  4. Blue_Star
    I haven't even watched any of Chicago this year^^; I'm going to assume that obvouisly they're doing awesome. Poor San Jose didn't stand a chance T____T

    Can't help but laugh a little though, since that Eastern series made me think of IsanXD Bye bye, Pricey~
  5. Honeykissfire
    Man my brain fairies must really not like me....I've missed the first three games of the Finals....well the last one I was at work and for some reason we were rollin' so there was no chance for me to peek out and see anything! So Chi-town's in the lead. Interesting. I've got to catch some Sportscenter and see what I missed.
  6. Blue_Star
    Aw well, still proud of the Flyers! I would congratulate the Hawks but....nahXDD
  7. MuuChan
    Congrats Chicago! GO TOEWS!!!! I knew they were gonna win the series :3 (even though I was hoping Montreal could make it...)

    Anyhoo I'm gonna be so lucky!! Canada is going to pay tribute to the national heroes in my town! They're bringing almost all of the hockey players (mens and womens) that played in the Olympics :3 I'm hoping for a chance of autographs... crossing my fingers lol
  8. Honeykissfire
    Have to give love to Chi-town. I'm a Pen fan so lovin' on Philly's not happenin'. Even if Leighton was good this run in the playoff....it's still Philly...
  9. Blue_Star
    Understandable HoneykissXDDDD That's just not gonna happen either way

    MuuChan you're so lucky!~ Be sure to let us know when you know who's coming for sure *totally nerds out*
  10. Blue_Star
    Thanks everybody for sticking with the group. Hope everyone enjoyed the season. Now for the long drought that is summer.....bleh :P

    So, once again-

    Group may be inactive until fall
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