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  1. Blue_Star
    Sorry about your Avs Chaos Bleck, I don't like San Jose.
  2. ChaosShadow
    I'm not a Sharks fan myself, however, the team I can't STAND... the Red.. err Deadwings... LMAO! XDD

    I have to say tho... considering how many young inexperienced guys the Avs have... they did a great job playing against the #1 team in the Western Conf. Next year looks promising for us ^^
  3. Blue_Star
    I know right?!?!?
    The Redwings are eeeeeevvilll >>;;
  4. Honeykissfire
    Red Wings are evil, and I'm glad they're out. No chance of a Detroit/Pittsburgh 3. That would have been interesting if it did happen...but it's good to see a #1 seed actually making it past the first round in the west.

    I'm hopin' my first team can bring it to an end tonight against the Habs. GO PENS!!!!

    Ok, what the hell is up with the too many men on the ice penalty? It seems like the chosen penalty of choice this playoff season.
  5. Blue_Star
    Ah, the confusionXD Don't worry HoneyKiss. I'm willing to bet the returning champs will make it through!

    It's almost goodbye Philly though. They need three wins in a row just to move on to the next round. I really hate their stand in goalie since Emery left. And my Jeff's also injured. Oh well, I like Mark Savard and Milan Lucic etc. so it'll still be cool if Boston moves on
  6. Honeykissfire
    Leighton's had his moments of being on point...I know since he was a 'Cane.

    .....DAMN DAMN DAMN!!!!! What the f*ck happened to my first team???? I miss most of the game and when I get a chance to watch it's 4-2 Habs??? Did the pod people snatch my team three games ago or something?

    All I've got to say is Montreal had better win the cup or I'll be highly disappointed.
  7. Blue_Star
    ....What the hell was that?

    A 6-0 win? I'm sorry but even I'm shockedXD That totally wasn't how it was supposed to go.
  8. Honeykissfire
    Here's a better question, Philly's up 2-0? WTF? So my former 'Cane is shuttin' the door on the Habs....way to be on point....would have been nice if he did that earlier in the season...when he was still a 'Cane....

    This would be totally f*cked up if the Flyers win the cup...the former 'Cane coach and backup goalie makin' it work in their new digs....my brain fairies are boggled at this possibility.
  9. Blue_Star
    F*cked up yes, but awesomeXDD

    Yeah, I think a lot of it I think has to do with Leighton. The dude just sort of came out of nowhere^^; But there was this reaction shot of the bench last night after the game. Everyone on the Flyers had this confused 'wtf' look on their faces

    Did someone make a deal with satan for those first two games or something??? Because I know my team, and that is NOT my team (not that I'm not happy but still....it's weirding me out)
    Montreal shut down Washington AND Pittsburgh...two teams which Philly would never eeever stand a chance against in a series. What the hell is going on?!XD
  10. fumino
    these playoffs are so messed up. so many things happening that i just didnt expect.

    the Habs playing giant killer for two rounds then calling on their face to start the series against the flyers?

    next thing you know the maple leafs will make a run next year.
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