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  1. Blue_Star

    Just a reminder that Finland vs. USA is coming up today at 3pm US EST! Canada plays Slovakia later tonight at 9:30pm US EST!

  2. Blue_Star

    The results for women's and men's ended up being exactly the same. How painfully predictable ^^;

    Well, I for one learned a lot. Parise's pretty damn entertaining! This was my first time being able to really watch him for more than one game at a time. He's quickly becoming one of my favorites. And Ryan Miller. I already liked him, but he's now even coolerXD
  3. Honeykissfire
    All my 'Canes that went to the Olympics came back with hardware, sweet! I swear, watching the gold metal match was like me trying to pick on who to cheer for when Carolina plays Pittsburgh. I'm happy that it was a good game. Man, I didn't realize that Miller was a hottie. I'm lovin' on those eyes, Hiller's too I was like daaaaaaaamn he's got some pretty eyes! It was great to see Jagr again as well as big Joe Vasichek, I miss him.

    Now back to the season and my Pens and Canes won tonight, how sweet is that. Too bad is was so agonizingly slow at work but I still couldn't watch any of the games, I'm stuck havin' to wait until either around 2am or 11am to watch the 'Canes game and I'm sleepy!
  4. Honeykissfire
    No Corvo, Ward, Yelle, Alberts any more! And Walker's supposed to be going to Washington too! At least he'll be with Corvo.

    Can ya tell I'm not happy with the trades?
  5. Blue_Star
    Jeff Carter is injured!!! T______T
  6. Honeykissfire
    Ok so both starting goalies for my teams have been replaced. Was really surprised by Flower leaving after three. Carolina's up now 6-2. Manny's hurt so Cam's comin' in. Interesting night so far with that game, 5 goals in the first by the 'Canes!
  7. MuuChan
    HELLO! I just joined XD Has anyone seen this clip in youtube?? YouTube - Travis Green and Ziggy Palfy Kiss And Blue, you didn't like the hockey game? D: I thought it wasn't predictable at all... XD
  8. Honeykissfire
    That was awesome MuuChan!

    On a WTF note....
    3 shorthanded goals in 64 seconds.....
    Damn it 'Canes you aren't supposed to let them have the damn point to get in the playoffs like that!!!!! They need to earn it from the Caps!!!!
  9. Blue_Star
    omg that was priceless MuuXDDDDD Save it for the lockers, boysXD

    Playoffs are almost here, and the Caps are looking pretty good at this point. Poor Philly's barely hanging on by a thread 0_0;;;
  10. ChaosShadow
    Okay... so, anyone followin the Avs/Sharks series? Talk about an intense match up. Last 3 games have gone into OT, and these guys are just ROUGH! I mean, I know it's typical for the playoffs to be intense, but, these two teams are hittin HARD! Tell you what, whomever advances this round, is gonna have a tough time come 2nd round. They're gonna be tired as hell! Oh, and anyone see Craig Anderson's stats Game 3? 51 saves and a shutout! Dude stood on his head the whole game ^^
    LET'S GO AVS!!!
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