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  1. Honeykissfire
    Cullen's been traded to Ottawa!
    We better get him back when this season is over...or sooner....
  2. Blue_Star
    That's too bad about Patrick! D:

    Watching team USA play suprisingly well against Switzerland. The swiss have Luca Sbisa though. It's hard to cheer against a former FlyerXD
  3. Honeykissfire
    Miller's been on point! Lovin' it. I'm glad to see that Gleason's playing for USA, he deserves to be on the team.
    Can't wait to see Canada play today, I need me some Staal!
  4. GreenieChan
    Since I started university I haven't been watching ice hockey at all cos I don't have the channels to do so But now it's olympics and it's Finland vs. Sweden today Thank GOD I don't have school tomorrow. I'm gonna make lots and lots of coffee and watch the game. Bring it on Sweden, we are ready!
  5. narda1234
    USA vs. Canada, Russia vs. Czech, Sweden vs. Finland

  6. Blue_Star
    Cannot wait for Sweden vs. Finland!!!

    Like Greenie said, brew some coffee and stay up late. If this game proves to be anything like their previous matchups, it'll be well worth it!!!~ *rings the fighting bell*

    Meanwhile, I too have been pleasantly suprised at team USA o_0 Miller's really been pulling through. Way to go 'Yo-mamaween'! (if anybody ever saw that commercial) XD
  7. narda1234
    haha, being a fan of the huge underdog US team that game was epic. I like the fact that the team is not overly loaded with all-star names like Crosby or Ovechkin.

    It's all about chemistry on the ice baby and they're on a roll
  8. Blue_Star
    Edit what I said about Sweden vs. Finland....

    I know narda....THAT GAME WAS EPIC!XDD *fangirls* At first I was determined to cheer against the US team (since there's a lot of my favs on team Canada), but after awhile I just sort of gave up. The national pride kicked in and it was all sort of downhill from there^^;

    'Our country's the best, and we'll show you what we're made of!' And so on ^^; Even though they're all mostly on teams I don't care for, I must admit that it's too difficult for me to root against them 0__o; I thought it'd be easier...

    Zach Parise absolutely attacked Ryan Kessler after that open goal What was especially funny was how loudly he screamed 'F*ck Yeah!' I guess that's Americans for you
  9. Blue_Star
    Usa wins againXD Parise's on fire Canada also did really good against Germany ^^
  10. narda1234
    I've seen enough of Devils game to know Zach can be overly enthusiastic celebrating a goal score case and point ur pic with him jumping on Zajac
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