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  1. Honeykissfire
    My boy Forslund does it again! Heard this one watching Detroit and Phoenix the other night:
    Upshaw has a man, it's Pavel Datsyuk.
  2. Blue_Star
    Was he referring to Scottie Upshall from Pheonix?! He used to play on PhillyXD What a weird match, him and PavelXD

    Has anyone seen the roster for team Canada. If they don't totally clean house during the Olympics I'm going to be very suprised~ Team USA on the otherhand, totally weak o_0;
  3. Honeykissfire
    Yeah he was, my ears don't work when I want them too sometimes.

    It does look like Team Canada's gonna be the favorite, oh well, we'll just have to see come Feb!
  4. Honeykissfire
    So, what does everyone think about the trades and the talk that's gone on so far? I heard during the second intermission of the Pens game that there's talk of the wizard leaving Carolina. I so hope that doesn't happen. We need Ray!
  5. Blue_Star
    Ugh! I need to catch up on my hockey news. We just moved so I've been out of the loop lately 0_o; *goes to watch the nhl network*
  6. Blue_Star
  7. fumino
    just one more week til olympic hockey :3
  8. Honeykissfire
    Wallin is gone to San Jose! I miss him already!
    Kovalchuk's in New Jersey, that's really gonna suck for Atlanta. Didn't know he lives in Chapel Hill, interesting. And his daughter is just the cutest thing!

    Now I'm ready for the Olympics!
  9. Blue_Star
    And NJ lost last night to Philly But barely though. The Flyers were playing like absolute trash 0_o;;;

    I'm ready for Finland vs. SwedenXD Bring on the chaos!~
  10. Honeykissfire
    My 'Canes are lookin' good as of late. Too bad I haven't been able to watch complete game in like the last month...that blows.
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