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  1. Blue_Star
    I got a Jeff Carter jersey for Christmas 0_0;;; Needless to say the shock nearly killed meXDD
  2. Honeykissfire
    My 'Canes got their second road win and it was against the Caps. That was a good game. Hopefully New Year's Eve will be a good one as well.
  3. Honeykissfire
    UUUUUGGGG! My Canes are suckin' major league fatties! And my Pens have dropped three in a row! Maybe the Olympic break will be good for them.

    OMG Jussi's not on team Finland with Joni and Tuomo! And Cam didn't make team Canada but at least Staal did. Whoa, only one Staal made team Canada? Oh pooh!

    Congrats to all that made the teams for their home countries! Can't wait for the Olympics to begin!
  4. Blue_Star
    What a strange strange year for hockey....
    Oh well, winter classic is today!!!
  5. Honeykissfire
    That promises to be interesting. Don't mind seein' Chara in action.
  6. Blue_Star
    omg, did anyone see the commercial during the game?XD The first 10 seconds had me like 'wtf?!' YouTube - Washington Capitals Philadelphia Flyers Verizon Wireless Commercial

    Given their past relationship I was under the impression that they were going to sneak off somewhere or something o_0
  7. Honeykissfire
    It totally seemed like it Blue. I'm glad I'm not the only one that thought so.
  8. Honeykissfire
    I find it interesting when I actually listen to things said by the commentators during hockey games...and of course with my pervy mind...

    Caught this line from John Forslund (commentator for the Hurricanes) on Monday:
    "Hard and deep for St. Louis."

    This one I heard watchin' the Final Score:
    "Right through the pearly gates of Theodore!"

    I think I let my brain fairies have too many breaks, but at least they catch interesting tidbits!
  9. Blue_Star
    That's hilariousXD The pearly gates

    There's a guy that commentates for FoxMS, and I've noticed he always says the WEIRDEST things o_0 St. Louis is always 'bumping' or 'banging away' at the other teamXDD He says 'bangin' away' maybe 8-10 times a game^^;

    Another time was when I was watching Philly play (I think it was maybe against Toronto?) Aaron Asham scored a goal. It went something along the lines of:

    Announcer 1: And Asham scores. That guy's got great hands.
    Announcer 2: Yeah. And he can do more with his hands than just score goals.

    There was like 15 seconds of silence after thatXDD I don't think he meant it to come off that way, but I was in tears nonetheless.
  10. Honeykissfire
    @ Blue I think they realized that that comment sounded naughty. Love it!
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