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  1. ChaosShadow
    @HoneyKiss - If you think Jose looks hawt there.... you should see him all cleaned up. RAWR! When he signed my Avs jersey a couple years back, he'd just come out of practice, crusin in his BMW M5, dressed to kill. Hot stuff right there p:
  2. Honeykissfire
    @ Chaos -- I probably would have had to take a shower to cool off. He is a yummy one, that's for sure.
  3. Honeykissfire
    All I want for my birthday is for Carolina to win.....and some yummy lookin' players all nice and wet in the shower gettin' hot and heavy!

    Ok....we've got cuts and knee-on-knee collisions goin' on tonight. Gleason and Ovechkin are in the locker rooms and Corvo's headed to Wake Med...damn...
  4. Blue_Star
    Yeah, I was totally gonna comment on thet 0_0 Really terrible about the injuries as of late. And did anyone see what that dude on the Panthers did to Voukun his goalie? He got upset after they got scored on and went to go hit the goalpost. Instead he missed and cracked poor Tommy in the side of the head! I really hope he's ok. They had to wheel him out on a stretcher and everything...

  5. Honeykissfire
    Blue -- Thanks!

    Yeah, saw it on hockey central after the 'canes loss (but we won today! whoohoo!) man that was wicked. And dude was like, oh sh*t I can't believe I did that.

    On a happier note, Cam's gettin' better! We've won a game! People are starting to get healthy again!
  6. narda1234
    made my first visit to the rock last night great game that one.

    uber-enthusiastic wings fan in our section... kind'a annoying. she wanted to be on tv so badly with her sign "go wings" and on the back "hockey town"
  7. Honeykissfire
    I've got my first team versus my home team....So far it's a good one. Nice fight between Gleason and Guerrin in which Guerrin put a nice slam on him.
  8. Blue_Star
    Psh, bringing a 'Hockeytown' sign to the rock??? Damn those Wings fans >__> It's also good to hear that Cam's getting better. Hopefully the Canes can turn things around even more once he gets back.

    The Flyers are freefalling down into the epic pit of doom *_* 7 road losses in a row, then the coach gets fired and Danny Carcillo gets suspended four games for being a badassXD Things aren't looking too sparkly right now.

    It's the year of injuries though I tell ya o_o
  9. Honeykissfire
    Man, I thought the Pens/Flyers game would be more physical than what it has been. All that love in the first period, I was gettin' happy.

    Oh man, the Flyers has the 'Cane's old coach, very interesting. And they have Leighton too. Who knows, maybe somethin' than happen for them. But not in this game tonight! GO PENS!

    Ok, people are just gettin' all hurt up. Staal and Guerin just went to the bench hunched over. It's the pucks I tell ya, they've gone rogue.
  10. Blue_Star
    That Laviolette coach hasn't really been helping anythingXDD Philly's doing TERRRIBLE! D: And it's also too bad about the Canes. Washington's doing great though at least ^^
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