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  1. Honeykissfire
    Man, shootouts are a thing of evil for my Canes as they loose another one to the SO. They always get me on edge just like kicks in soccer. I can't believe I actually forgot they were playing last night! My brain fairies had me wrapped up in episodes of NCIS and I didn't even think about the rebroadcast at 2am and I was wide awake then! Good thing we play the Avs tomorrow and the Pens are goin' against Florida, I need some excitement on Friday. My Pens are on a roll, but are without Gonchar for while. Man, Erik's gotta broken leg and now Sergi with a broken wrist. It's too early in the season for this!!!
  2. Blue_Star
    Ah, the IR list is growing already it seems >>;;

    Oh my God. I saw it!!! The lapdance thing! If anyone happens to live in the midwestern US, or gets the nhl network, be sure to not to miss the Blues' Stockholm special. You will not regret it o_o Cam Jannsen's freak out at the end of their sweep against Detroit in Stockholm was magic :3

    The Blues beat the Wings both times, and I guess Jannsen likes to dance in the locker room after they win. But after the sweep he was so excited that he yelled 'This one's for you!' and ran over to the goalie (who still had his shinguards and stuff on btw) climbed over the dude's lap and tried to start grinding on him. Only problem was that they both still had most of their stuff on so he couldn't move all that muchXDDD

    Epic. F*cking epic!
  3. fumino
    i cant wait til im back in canada... im missing too much hockey here in the states.
  4. Honeykissfire
    My Canes are sucking a big fatty right now!
  5. ChaosShadow
    Avs have been on FIRE! 2nd in the league ^^
  6. Honeykissfire

    My Canes! We can't win on the road!!!! And now Staal's out!

    My Pens are workin' it!!!!!

    Man, I'm on a rollercoaster here....
  7. StarSaber
    Ever since I started getting into yaoi, I can't watch a hockey game without thinking bad thoughts when the players check into each other. My friends when we play, when they check another guy they moan and say "inappropriate" things. I want to tell them I like it, but I am afraid they won't let me play anymore LOL. But I love playing with them
  8. narda1234
    oh man I haven't been here in the longest while, the family grew I'm still waiting for my first trip to the rink this year. talking about IR, my team's list is certainly not short

    heeya Blue, how's it going? hi HoneyKiss

    Hi Mordor, Hi ChaosShadow, Hi StarSaber, Hi fumino
  9. Honeykissfire
    Hi narda! Thankfully my list with the Canes is short, just Staal and Whitney and Ruutu's playin' hurt. The Pens on the other hand....damn.

    Star, I so know what you're talkin' about. I think all kinds of dirty things....well, I do that anyway. It's probably a good thing that I'm not at a game...I don't know what would happen!
  10. Honeykissfire
    11 in a row....

    What's wrong with my Canes????
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