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  1. Isan
    "It's the owner"
    But it's truuuuuuuue!! XDDD
  2. narda1234
    man, and my friends call me a hockey nut. obviously they haven't met u lot

    i haven't really taken notice the hockey player's hotness factor because most of the time they're all under those gears.

    and if you'll excuse me, i'll add some pics to show my team pride
  3. Isan
    You know you have it bad when going to see "The Love Guru" is starting to look appealing more and more, if only for the hockey bits
  4. yaoial
    @blue: you are welcome thanks for the friend request =)
  5. Blue_Star
    @ narda: Yeah, I'm a little beyond a hockey nut. Really, at times I'm ashamed ..........*totally not ashamedXD*

    Yeah sometimes the last thing you notice watching a game is a guy's potential hotness. Then you see them doing a lockerroom interview and you're like 'WTF? I didn't know all that was going on under that helmet!'

    If anyone goes to see the Love Guru tell me how it is >.> Not a big Leafs fan, otherwise I might go to it just for fun.
  6. narda1234
    @ Blue: well, most of the time, i don't really stay around to watch the post game report. i see tid bits from what they show on sportscenter, but that's not much
  7. Isan
    I usually scope out the potential hotties before the matches when they sing the national anthem
  8. Blue_Star
    Yep. That's when the helmets come off

    Most teams have all that post-game stuff on their sites. I know some of the Capitals players have versions of Cribs on their site where they go through and give you a tour of their houseXD When they toured Ovie's it was like super empty^^' He was all, 'Here is room. Here is other room. Here is next room.' XD

    Really dude. I keep checking in here at work....I should go be responsible now!
  9. Honeykissfire
    That is so true. They hardly do good close ups of the players when they're on the bench unless it's during the anthem. I know during the intermissions of the Hurricanes games that are done on FSN you'll catch the commentators talking with the players after they come off the ice but that's like the only other time I've noticed when my brain isnt't filled with nice perverted thoughts....
  10. Blue_Star
    I watched the draft for a little bit but it was like >>' Kinda boringXD We lost RJ for some new dude and then we got some other kid. I heard somebody from the Habs is gone??? I didn't really catch it so I'm not sure ><'
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