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  1. Blue_Star
    is right!XDDDDD Yay for Lapierre! From what I could tell he was definitely going to try to eat Latendresse's face for scoring that goalXD Good thing for the glove or it probably would have happened Ah, the sponanteity of the moment. One of these days something big's gonna get captured on film! Gloves and sticks are gonna go flyin' and the children will all be traumatized

    Sorry narda about your guys' sudden random streak of bad luck. But hey, the Devils are a shoe-in for the playoffs, so things could turn around once they start ^^ We lost epic-ly bad last night too What a sad saaaaad game that was ><
  2. Honeykissfire
    Another win for my Canes!
    I love how Whitney hugs, it's all nice and inviting and making sure to get some chest-to-chest action!
  3. narda1234
    *wipes off sweat* this was relief more than anything. they can still win games

    and another zajac-parise combo at the end major glompage
  4. Honeykissfire

    I'm so lovin' my Canes right now! Cam is the man!

    At least some good came out of tonight. From what I was told I'll have to deal with the championship game on Monday since the damn Tarheels beat Villanova in college hoops action....dammit!!! How and I gonna write my smut when I have to hear them all night long? I need more hockey sexiness to counteract those evil light blue people! Who's playin' on Monday hockey wise?
  5. Blue_Star
    *squints and adjusts her glasses* Let's see...Monday...

    It looks like there's only three games scheduled. Detroit at Buffalo, Ottowa at Montreal, and the Kings at Calgary. I'm not sure if I'll be able to get any of those in my area, but yeah that's what's going on ^^

    Under the 'SouthEast' tab on the front page of nhl.com, there's this crazy weird picture of Leighton kissing Cam Ward's helmet and looking all like 'what?' at the cameraXD *goes to fetch it*
    ....support system Everybody loves Cam. Even his backup apparently.

    And wow. Now WE won't stop losingT_____T;;; We really suck at shootouts!
  6. Honeykissfire
    Cam's hot right now so ya can't help but love 'im. *secretly still wants a Cam bobble head* What I can't get out of my mind is the YouTube clip of those two mixin' it up at a game back in the AHL(?). That was interesting. But at their game against the Rangers at the end Wallin had his tongue out just before he got to Cam and I was like ? Does he want a taste too? Whitney might not like that, but then again I think he wants some of the whole team.

    Damn, it looks like I'll be watchin' those evil Red Wings take on the Sabers or trying desperately to block out the Tarheel fans at work Monday night. I think the Sabers should beat the hell out of Detroit....one can wish. At least I'll get to see Hossa.

    We're in the playoffs! Hell yeah!
  7. Blue_Star
    Yeah, and you're about to boot us out of our spot too Really nice comeback though!~<3 I'm happy for Carolina. Just hope Philly doesn't have to play them in the first round. I'd be torn ><'

    Watching the Stars/Wild game. It's totally meh. Not too exciting
  8. Honeykissfire
    I don't want to play against Philly either so I'm hopin' we can hit the three spot. I am so happy that they've been doin' well. We just wasted the Islanders tonight. I'm gonna catch the replay on this since I was actually busy in the kitchen during most of this game.

    The comentators were just talkin' to Staal and they were talkin' about how his lip was feelin' after takin' a high stick and he said that it's ok but they're lookin' pretty plump right now. They look like he was doin' somethin' other than hockey.

    And Cole is so adorable, I wanna hug 'im! Cam too!
  9. Blue_Star
    omg I freeeeaaaked when I saw Eric had been hit in the mouthXD He already has such a nice lips.....you get the idea Now they look even more....yeah

    I don't want two teams I like going against eachotherT____T Last year Philly had to go against the Habs, then they had to play Ovie & Washington. It's just not fair Can't we all win?
  10. Honeykissfire
    I know Blue, wouldn't that be nice?

    .....I don't really know what to say about last night....
    Yeah I do. I WANT A FREAKIN' JERSEY!!!!! It was fan appreciation night and some lucky bastard people got the jerseys right off their backs after the game. I had totally forgot about that until I saw the photos from the game on the 'canes website. First I miss Cam bobble heads and now jerseys fresh off the players! I hate my job....oh wait, no I don't. My boss got tickets to three games in the first round and two of them are on Friday so he'll only be able to go to one of the three....
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